Anupama 26th March 2023 written episode update

Anupama written update

Anupama clutched the photo frame and waited anxiously for Dheeraj to bring Anuj as promised. She felt like she couldn’t live without him and tearfully begged for his return. Suddenly, Anuj appeared at the door with his bag, and the song “Jaanam dekh lo mit gayee dooriyaan” played in the background. Anupama ran to embrace him, but then woke up and realized it was just a dream.

Desperate to find Anuj, Anupama ran outside, but her family tried to stop her. Devika informed Anupama that Anuj had not yet returned, but Anupama insisted that he had to come back to her. Meanwhile, Anuj was sitting on a bench in the park, dreaming of Anu. When he woke up, he saw Dheeraj in front of him, who informed him that Anupama was in a bad state and had fallen unconscious after he left. Anuj refused to go back home and asked Dheeraj to take care of Devika and Anupama, leading to an argument between them.

Samar confided in Dimple about his mother’s shattered house and how Anuj never thought of Anupama before leaving. Dimple was worried about their own relationship and whether it could survive if the best couple in the world could get separated. Anupama and Devika were waiting outside for Anuj, and Devika messaged Dheeraj to ask about him. Dheeraj informed her to wait for some time, but Anupama had lost hope that Anuj would return.

As both Anuj and Anupama were missing, everyone started searching for them. Barkha called the office to inform them that she and Ankush would be managing the Kapadia empire and asked for Anupama’s cabin to be emptied. However, Paakhi told her that Anupama was only missing and not dead, and criticized Barkha for taking over the business so quickly. Barkha blamed Paakhi and her family for Anupama’s problems and tried to convince Adhik to stay at the Kapadia house to look after the business.

In the end, Anupama and Anuj were walking aimlessly on the streets, not even realizing when they bumped into people.

Anupama went to a temple to pray, where Vanraj approached her.

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