Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain – Abhimanyu and Aarohi are engaged.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2023 Written Episode update

Aarohi keeps looking at the ring and it takes her a few moments before she finally puts the ring on Abhimanyu’s finger.  Roohi cannot stop jumping with joy.  Everyone around is happy.

At the same time, Abhinav puts Sindoor in Akshara’s head.  Abhinav gets emotional because finally, this relationship is not just on paper.  In his mind, he swears by Abhir promising to be with Akshara always.

Akshara prays that this relationship which is built on friendship, understanding and respect will last forever.

Kairav sees Muskaan sleeping on the sofa and thinks to himself that this girl just needs a railing to lean and cry on, a sofa to sleep and an excuse to pick up a fight. These are her favourite hobbies. He keeps her scarf next to her.  He searched for the scarf only because her grandma had sent it.

Abhinav tripped on a toy and fell on the bed pushing the bed in the bargain and both beds landed up together.  Akshara comes just then and Abhinav tries explaining to her that he did not intend to join the beds but it just happened by accident. He tries to move the bed back but Akshara stops him.  Both sleep on the bed with Abhir between them.  Abhir is very tired and is fast asleep.  Abhinav and Akshara both plan to go the next day for his match to cheer him up.  Abhinav suddenly realizes that Abhir is not breathing normally but then forgets about it. 

Phir wohi raat hain.. song is playing in the background.

Abhimanyu keeps looking at his engagement ring and promises himself to give respect and be a better person.

The next morning Akshara prepares breakfast.  Abhinav comes there and cannot stop looking at her.  They spend a few moments together with helping her tie her hair when he realizes she is having problems managing her hair while cooking.

Abhimanyu and Aarohi come to the hospital together.  The staff have got flowers and cards for them. While accepting the flowers and cards Abhimanyu asks Rohan when he is getting married.  Abhimanyu tells the staff there was no need for them to do all this.  Rohan says this is just a small bribe for a party.  Aarohi looks at Abhimanyu and thinks to herself she should not be doubting all his actions as he is hers now.

Abhir is looking pale.  He tells Abhinav he does not want to go to school.  Just then Akshara gets a message from the school that the football match is delayed by a day.  Akshara says we should forget the match and go to the hospital for a check-up.  Abhir knows if he goes to the hospital he will not be able to take part in the match so he pretends to be alright.  Abhinav again asks Abhir if he is okay.  Abhir lies that he is completely fine.

Roohi is practising dance and gets breathless.  Abhimanyu gives her water and thinks of Abhir and hopes his breathlessness is better now.  Abhir has not called him up and Abhimanyu cannot call. He prays to God to look after Abhir.

Akshara makes placards for the match the next day.  She asks Abhir to go and meet Neela amma to which he agrees and starts to leave from the back door. When asked why the back door he tells Akshara that she told him he needs to rest to save energy for the next day’s match.  Akshara wonders how come he agreed to rest today. Otherwise, he is always on his toes. She remembers Abhinav telling her that Abhir is looking very tired these days.

Akshara comes out of the house looking for Abhinav who had promised to make placards with her.  She is surprised to see the entire garden outside decorated with flowers and lighting.  The entire rope of the swing is tied with flowers.  Abhinav tells her that it is believed that fairies swing in the sky. She is a fairy and is down on this earth.  It is impossible for him to bring the moon down to the earth so he put up a swing for her.  He said she non stop supported him through all of life’s ups and down over the last six years. The swing is in that corner of the house where she can rest when she is tired. It’s a place where she can meet herself and talk to herself.  Here her dreams will get new wings and her sorrows will be left behind.  She has done so much for him and Abhir so this is a small return gift from her husband.  He asks pardon because he did not help in making the placards but he was busy in the decorations outside.  He did it to let her know that she is the most precious person to him. She is his best Fixed Deposit and pension plan.  His life insurance. She is his everything.  She is his strength. Her presence is his strength.  He does not need anything as long as she is with him.

Abhir is outside and gets breathless again.  He starts the exercise that Abhimanyu has taught him.  He prays for God’s him in his match the next day.

Precap:  Abhir sends Abhimanyu a voice note informing him of his football match.

Abhinav and Akshara are on the grounds to cheer Abhir.  Abhir faints after winning the match.

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