Faltu 31st January Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

She gets up to go out, but the nurses stop her and ask her to rest. They ask her to think about her eyes, what’s more, important than that? Faltu thinks of Ayaan. The nurse says yes, he is still in danger, if you open your eyes, you will lose your sight for life. Lie down, I will inform the doctor that you have become conscious.

Kanika comforts Janardhan as Faltu cries. Govind says we can’t move Ayaan, we have to see how he responds to the treatment. Janardhan says Faltu has become Ayaan’s enemy, I told them not to pamper her. Pratap explains that Faltu is fine, but Ayaan ji… Charan asks if he came back again, but why. Pratap replies that Ayaan ji had a serious accident and has been hospitalized.

Janardhan sees Ayaan and cries. He blames Tanisha. Charan is shocked. Ayaan will be fine, Harsh says. Tanisha cries and asks Kanika how can I see him with someone else. Harsh says Ayaan will be fine, don’t worry. I know you didn’t want this, everything will be fine, says Kanika. Tanisha sees Ayaan. She says don’t worry Ayaan, I will fix everything, I will take good care of you, and you won’t be able to stop loving me.

During the prayer for Ayaan, Faltu asks the nurse to contact Charan and Pratap. The nurse contacts Charan. Faltu cannot open her eyes. She screams. The nurse stops her. Even now, she cannot see anything. The nurse says not to open your eyes. Charan explains to Faltu not to open her eyes. Faltu cries for Ayaan.

She says Ayaan is also admitted to this hospital, I heard about his accident. He asks how you found out about this. She says the nurse told me. He says Pratap told me, I was shocked, Ayaan came to meet you, I scolded him a lot, and he met with an accident. I might have been responsible for his accident.

Pratap says he’s fine, he’s on the same floor, he’ll stay here tonight, and his family is also here. The nurse asks them to leave. He says it’s not your fault. Faltu thinks how shall I get to Ayaan? Tanisha says we may need to be with them. The nurse tells Kanika to stay here, it’s a request. The nurse says fine, stay in the lobby, we will allow one person at a time.

Janardhan says Tanisha shouldn’t stay here. Sid asks why not, her husband is in ICU, I can stay with her if you want. Janardhan says Faltu wants you to stay here. Tanisha is asked what her plan is, and why did you spend 20 lakhs on Faltu. Kanika asks how are you speaking to her, she was trying to help Faltu, she gave 20 lakhs to respect Ayaan’s promise, she loves Ayaan and wants to see him happy, but she didn’t want to break Ayaan’s promise to Charan.

Tanisha asks Janardhan to understand that Ayaan’s accident wasn’t caused by her but by his bad luck. Janardhan asks Tanisha why did you get Faltu back into our lives again. Tanisha cries. Harsh consoles her.

It is time for them to go home. Kanika asks Tanisha to call her if she needs anything. She leaves. As Tanisha says, I am hearing these blames because Faltu tried to snatch Ayaan and then my family, but I will not let this happen, I will poison Ayaan’s heart about Faltu, so he will hate her.

Ayaan and Faltu meet after Faltu wakes up.


She cries speaking to Ayaan. She apologizes to him. She confesses her love to him. He wakes up and looks at her. Tanisha arrives and is shocked.

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