Faltu 25th December 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan and Tanisha exchange garlands. Savita cries seeing Ayaan. Dadi says your son is getting married.

Faltu says I will never marry you, Savita says yes. Dadi says you will become Sasumaa in some time. Pappi says nobody can save you now.

Sumitra says she spoke to Janardhan and that Sid is managing the office well, he will increase your salary and give you a good position. Sid says enough, I will get my rights on my own if it works. Ayaan’s assistant follows the car.

The girls ask Pappi if he is forcing Faltu. He scolds them and makes them get out of the car.

Janardhan apologizes to Kanika. He says to relax and forget the old things. Pandit says we will start the marriage rituals soon. Pappi asks the girls to get lost. The girls are worried for Faltu.

They are stopped by Ayaan’s aide. He asks what happened to the girl. The girl says she is being taken to the temple for marriage. He scolds them. He calls Ayaan. Faltu doesn’t answer.

She might have gone to sleep, but I know where she is. Bua says I knew you wouldn’t leave her. Suhana says your phone is ringing. Ayaan checks 15 missed calls. Janardhan introduces them.

Pappi drags Faltu to the temple. She pushes him and runs away. He asks his goons to catch her. Ayaan’s aide asks a tea vendor for the address of the temple.

Faltu hides on the road. She tries to get help. Pappi catches her and takes her to the temple. He says he will break your courage, we’ll marry tonight, and we’ll show your parents on video call to get blessings. She cries. Pandit says it is wrong to force her into marriage.

Faltu says kill me, it’s better than marrying you. Pappi says Ayaan is also getting married, so we’ll also get married.

She is locked in a room. He says he will tell Sid Faltu is with him. Ayaan calls his assistant. The man says he has been calling you for a long time. Sid gets Pappi’s message and smiles.

Bua asks him to come. Ayaan worries. Bua asks him why are you worried and if Faltu is fine. Janardhan asks why did you leave the mandap. Sid says answer him.

As Ayaan says, I need you to talk to me in front of Tanisha, where is she? Pappi asks Faltu to change clothes. She sits worried. Tanisha asks what has happened to Faltu now. Kanika asks Ayaan to answer. Sid messages Pappi. Janardhan asks if this is about Faltu. Ayaan says yes.

The precap:

When Janardhan asks why her name is taken, Ayaan explains that Pappi is going to forcibly marry Faltu, and if anything happens to Faltu, then I will be unable to meet my own eyes.

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