Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th March 2023 Written Update


Sahiba calls him just then. Ajith feels happy receiving her call and says he’s worried about her. Sahiba tells him not to worry because she’s fine here and even has her own room.

Ajith asks her if she had food. She lies that she had food and asks what about him. He says he will after seeing her and asks if Angad is behaving well with her. She says he didn’t speak to her much and asks about Seerat. Ajith asks her not to take Seerat’s name. Sahiba says whatever she does, she is their dear ones and they can’t leave her in trouble; she will look for her. She asks him to tell Keerat that she misses her a lot and disconnects the call.

Manveer walks into Angad’s room. Angad thinks it’s a servant and shouts at her not to disturb him. Manveer replies that it’s her. She tells him not to waste his precious tears on revenge.

After Angad’s humiliation, he swears not to have anything until he takes revenge on Sahiba. Sahiba recalls Angad’s hatred and Ajith’s fatherly love. She fears for Seerat’s life and considers filing a missing person’s report.

She picks up her bag and is about to leave when Jasleen walks in and fakes concern for her. She says her middle-class house would be faster than this storeroom. Sahiba reveals she is going to the police station. Jasleen becomes tensed and asks for that. Sahiba says to file Seerat’s missing complaint. Jasleen suggests she go via the back door since an issue might arise if she goes out at this time.

As Garry returns, Seerat asks where he was all day. Garry says he had dinner during his business meeting and was busy on the phone. She asks how he can do without her.

He thinks she is a beautiful fraud. He acts mesmerized by her beauty and starts eating. She insists they return to their families and marry soon. He gets angry. She wonders what would happen if he discovered that she is not wealthy. He calms down and says he needs time to think about getting rid of her.

Seerat’s sister Sahiba reaches the police station with her sister’s photo and last letter. The inspector refuses to register a complaint as her sister has eloped by her own wish. Seerat convinces the inspector to register a complaint.

She tells him that Sahiba is missing from home and provokes him against Sahiba. Angad walks down and opens the main door. He stands stunned to see someone.

In the precap, Angad asks Sahiba where she went and pulls her. She falls unconscious on his shoulder. The family watches.

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