Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama walks down the street and stops under a tree where flowers are falling. The song Khol De Par plays in the background. Anupama remembers her time with Anuj. Bhavesh and Kanta follow her.

Paakhi looks at Vanraj laughing and asks Kinjal what has happened to him. In Vanraj’s words, even his kids don’t believe in him. They think he’s up to something new now. He tells them clearly that he won’t give them any more explanations. His only focus is on Anupama, his family, and his career.

He says that he didn’t treat Anupama well, but he won’t let Anuj mistreat Anupama. Despite the fact that Anupama doesn’t trust him, he will prove to be her true friend and best friend. He will not care if Anupama trusts him or not, but he will be her true and best friend no matter what.

Anupama will always have him by her side. He does not care if Anupama needs his help or support. He will always stand by her. The family watches him in shock.

Ankush is delighted to receive a call from Anuj and inquires where he is and why he left without informing them. Anuj reveals he is fine and should return to work soon in order to prevent being distracted. He apologizes for the increased workload his departure might have caused, but Ankush assures him everything will be alright now that he’s coming back, adding that everyone has been missing him.

Barkha angrily grabs the phone from Ankush and tells Anuj not to worry about work. She tells Anuj that Ankush and Adhik are handling everything. Barkha tells Anuj to take the break he wants. There is a lot of stress in his life right now, so he needs to be emotionally healed. Therefore, he shouldn’t worry about work. Everything is fine and he should eat well and rest well.

Anuj says he was thinking about work. Barkha interrupts by saying work will continue. She says if he starts working how will he focus on himself? She tells him to just focus on himself and not worry about work. As long as he keeps his phone on, it should ease their worries and let them know he is healthy.

After the call is disconnected Barkha bombards Ankush and asks him what the hell he was saying. We miss him and he should return soon. Ankush replies that Anuj will return sooner or later. Barkha asks why they are taking so much trouble if Anuj must return. In the morning, they have been handling a pile of piles. Adhik stayed up all night and drafted a proposal.

In order to take over as soon as Anuj returns, did he do this only? Ankush says if we don’t call him, he won’t return. Everything is his. Barkha explains to Ankush and Adhik that calling Anuj back would be like digging their own grave. The two will not have a chance to prove themselves if Anuj returns.

She should start her own business if she wants to prove herself, Akush advises. It is like betraying herself if one tries to prove oneself in someone else’s empire. Barkha says she doesn’t mind. She asks him to let her do what she is doing. In her view, it is to their benefit if Anuj doesn’t return and he doesn’t meet Anupama.

A second chance has been given to them by God, and she asks him not to waste it. She picks up a file that has Anuj Kapadia’s name written on it. She strikes off his name and writes her, Ankush and Adhik’s name on it. Barka tells her that Anuj is in Mumbai, Anupama is at her mother’s place, and that they are here. It seems perfect.

When Anupama reached the Dance Academy, Kanta and Bhavesh were still walking behind her. The Khol De Par song was playing in the background. The place where they had once started is where they are now going to start again. Standing there with mixed emotions, Anupama opened the door.

The door to Anupama’s happiness has been opened and we don’t need to support her anymore, Kanta says. Anupama just needed to meet herself, Bhavesh says. Kanta asks Bhavesh if he wants ice gola. Anupama has already started working, so they can go. He says good needs don’t require permission.

Vanraj has an evil grin on his face and the family is worried about seeing him. Anuj keeps himself busy cleaning the crockery. Anupama says that once she had made this Dance Academy successful, now it will help her recover.

Adhik is on a video call with Paakhi and she asks him why he disconnects her calls. Aadhik says he doesn’t answer because he’s busy. He was working and not enjoying a picnic. Paakhi says it’s a picnic for Barkha. Adhik warns Paakhi not to go there. She tells him that even he should not have gone there. Adhik asks if she called only to fight.

As Pakhi said, he behaves strangely whenever he stays with his sister, and even she behaves strangely and considers his mummy as an enemy. His sister is so manipulative. Adhik shouts and asks Pakhi to get to the point. Pakhi says they will go to the dance academy as mummy has gone there, so he should come too. Adhik says he can’t come.

It is Pakhi’s question if he forgot what her mother had done for them. Adhik says he didn’t forget anything and is worried about her, so he’ll call her and let her talk to her, so she can spend time with her mother and let him concentrate on his work. Pakhi says his few days will turn into an eternity. Upon hearing Anupama enter the dance academy, Barkha panics and says she thought she would cry for 2-3 months in a room.

She notices Dimple getting ready and leaving the house. Adhik says she forgot Anupama doesn’t accept defeat, she defeats her opponents. Barkha thinks she should watch Anupama and don’t let her overtake her.

Kavya asks Vanraj if he will take a psychiatrist’s appointment himself or if she should, as it is clear from his conversations that he has lost his mental balance. Anirudh calls Kavya, and Vanraj asks her to pick it up. As per Anupama’s taste, he calls a florist and asks them to make a flower bouquet.

Barkha stops Dimple and says she wants to share something with her because men do not understand women well. She feels sorry for Anuj and Anupama and does not know what to say; Anuj had called and felt lonely; he was asking about her because he considers her to be his child. As Dimpy points out, Anuj shouldn’t have left home like this; Vanraj is trying to take advantage and is trying to return her to her family. Dimple leaves. Barkha grinned as she left. Barkha said Anupama was always at Shah house, and Shah house is responsible for Anuj and Anupama’s separation.

In her opinion, Anupama should be occupied at work. Once she notices Little Anu’s toy, she calls Maaya and asks her to let her speak to her. Maaya lies that she is outside the house. Anupama asks her to let her speak to Little Anu once she returns home and asks about Anuj. Maaya says that he is perfect, and disconnects the call. Anuj asks who was calling. Maa lies that it is a friend’s call. Anupama repeats that she must focus on work.

Precap: Vanraj offers Anupama a bouquet and extends a friendship hand. Dimple interferes with Anupama’s decision at dance academy and says she has been handling it till now and will continue to do it in the future. Anupama stands speechless.

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