Faltu 16th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 16th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Tanisha says we want to help you, what’s wrong, you used to work for us, so we want to share our happiness with you. If you want more money, just ask. Janardhan says let it be, they are such people. Faltu is to talk to their manager about the difference, and he will pay the difference.

He apologizes for this inconvenience, has food, drink, and Charan ji, enjoys the free food. Faltu says no, everyone should know that we haven’t come here to take charity. Charan says come with me, I don’t want to see this insult. Reporters ask Mittals for help. Charan feels unwell and Faltu holds him, asking someone for water. Sid says Ayaan has come at the right time, now it will be fun. Ayaan attends Charan. Janardhan, Tanu, and Kanika worry. Charan says your family showed us we can’t even sit with them.

Ayaan says no, what my father started today, I have to end today itself, please sit. Dadi says thank God, you came on time, why did you get late. Savita cries. Tanisha asks why Savita got Ayaan so soon. Faltu says please let us go, your family has insulted my family a lot, so please let us leave. Ayaan says I was wrong to trust you, Tanisha, you were never trustworthy. He scolds Tanisha. He says I won’t tell everyone what Tanisha did in the village, I have seen her two faces.

He says Dad, I was ecstatic when Mom told me that you accepted Faltu and me as a couple. It showed that to you my joy was more important than your pride. I was foolish not to realize that nothing is greater for you than your ego. Why bother with all the effort? You could have simply declined us. When you removed me from the business, I said nothing. This isn’t fair – how can you harbour such animosity against somebody? You taught me not to do wrong or think ill of others – is this really who you are?

Ayaan asks why, you already created a scene, I’m just playing my part, you have to answer today. It is wrong to argue with me because of these thankless people because Faltu was our maid, what’s wrong with giving her respect? Tanisha is our JM mart partner, why don’t we make her the director?

Kanika shouts Ayaan, Dad, you’re using big words, that’s not yours. They both have brainwashed you. He gets Faltu on stage. Reporters cover the news. Dadi says I didn’t expect this from you, Savita, I’m angry with Janardhan and you. Ayaan says he will tell the truth now. It didn’t occur to me that this would happen here, I trusted Janardhan and thought he would do everything for Ayaan’s benefit, and that he would get rid of Faltu, who kept him away from his family. Sumitra taunts her.

When she says you had to send Faltu away, why did Janardhan insult Faltu’s family? Govind agrees, whatever happened was wrong, you shouldn’t have treated Faltu’s family in this way. I don’t know what Ayaan will do. The truth is, I love Faltu and this press conference was held in honour of Faltu and my marriage announcement. Whatever was said here was a lie, I’ll tell you the truth, Faltu isn’t a maid nor is her family a gold digger.

A reporter asks if you love your maid. Ayaan says thanks to your live coverage, I have come to know this. Reporters ask him to tell the truth. Janardhan warns him. Ayaan says he is not afraid of you, you have hurt me a lot, and he will leave the house if you oust me. He apologizes to Faltu.

My father insulted you and your family and I shouldn’t have been here to stop him, he says. Faltu and I are in love and want to marry. Reporter says you are already married to Tanisha, isn’t this an extramarital affair? Tanu asks what proof you have about our divorce. He says Tanu and I got divorced, and we have no relationship now.

She scolds him for lying. Sumitra asks do you talk to the lawyer. Sid says no. The lawyer says here is the proof. Sid signs the lawyer. The lawyer says today the court granted your divorce. Sid says finally. Tanu asks what? I asked the lawyer not to submit the papers, it was a drama to fool Ayaan. Everyone is shocked.

Janardhan says I request you, don’t ruin anything. Ayaan says Tanisha and I divorced, so you deserve this. Ayaan says don’t stop me today, I don’t want to become a part of your sin, I got Faltu and her family here, we wanted to take your blessing, but you can never accept us. I’ll do what I should have done before. Faltu goes with him. He throws a chair and breaks it. He lights the fire by burning wood.


Tanu cries as Ayaan marries Faltu.

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