Faltu 1st February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu hides from the nurse and meets Ayaan. Dadi argues with Janardhan and asks why Kanika gave money to Tanisha for Faltu’s surgery. Ayaan left his marriage to save Faltu and Kanika and Tanisha are responsible for Ayaan’s condition. He says stop it now, I explained everything already, operation is over, we won’t discuss it.

When Ayaan insists on meeting Faltu, Dadi says we’ll shift him tomorrow once he gets better. Tanisha says I’m outside Ayaan’s room. Sid says I’ll come, you’re alone there, so I can’t see you. He offers to get you some food so you will feel better. She says no, I don’t want to eat anything, you stay home.

Tanisha ends the conversation. Sid says you can refuse, but I can’t leave you alone. I have to show that I’m better than Ayaan, and I need to know your plan’s next step. He leaves. Tanisha sleeps. Faltu screams in pain. After waking up, Tanisha looks around. Sid calls Tanisha. She asks him why he came. He replies that I came for your sake, just come out and have food. Faltu tries to find the ward number. Tanisha goes. Faltu says I might enter the wrong room.

When she reaches Ayaan’s room, she holds his hand. She cries. She recalls their moments. She asks, “Can you hear me?” Sid says I know you are worried about Ayaan, you can’t leave food alone, I feel helpless. She smiles and holds his hand. He smiles back. Tanisha says I don’t want food, why did you get it.

I was hungry, but I didn’t want to eat alone in the canteen, thanks for getting this. You always support me, she says. He hugs her. She asks if you had anything. He signs no. She says you’re mad, come get some food. He tells her you need to eat first.

Ayaan apologizes to Faltu for hurting his heart and esteem. Tanisha thanks Sid. He says he will sit in the car here and call him if you need anything. Tanisha returns home. You did a lot for me, I remember everything, I couldn’t tell you that you filled sindoor in my maang, you are my husband. Ayaan becomes aware. She says I wanted your life to become simple, but I did not know you would reach this point.

Seeing them, Tanisha gets shocked seeing them. Ayaan moves his hand. Faltu escapes. She weeps. She says I couldn’t come between Tanisha and you, you have already tolerated a lot, I didn’t tell you anything after losing my sight, forgive me. She cries.


Tanisha worries when Ayaan gets short of breath.

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