Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Priya appears as Ranbir and Akshay talk. Ranbir says you didn’t tell me you called her and that guests will attend the office project party. In his view, Akshay has brought only special guests. Prachi is strange, says she doesn’t enjoy the party, and she makes Priya do the work as well. Ranbir thinks he is in love with Priya and thinks it’s clear that Prachi’s making your love do the work, so you’re angry.

Ranbir asks him not to leave him. Akshay asks him not to abandon him. Vikram calls him. Ranbir asks him to enjoy himself with Priya. Akshay asks him to enjoy. Ranbir says Priya couldn’t enjoy it because of Prachi. Akshay asks him not to leave him. Ranbir says I don’t know. He says we’re just dealing with business. Akshay says he behaves weirdly sometimes and asks Priya to show the file. Vikram asks Ranbir if Akshay knows Prachi and his past. Ranbir says he doesn’t.

Ranbir says perhaps, I did not peek into her heart, but I don’t know. Vikram says Prachi went to the temple today to do puja for you. Ranbir asks Mom why she didn’t tell me. Vikram says it’s weird for us, and that we’re uncomfortable. Ranbir says a few habits are hard to break.

Prachi comes to her room and recalls Ranbir and her good moments. Khushi comes there. She asks why you are worried. Prachi says no. She sits down on the sofa and says that badi dadi says people’s eyes are small when they smile by heart, but they are big when they smile fakely. She asks her why you were smiling fakely. Prachi says you are my happiness. Khushi asks her to smile for her. Prachi says it’s wise to understand. She says she learns a lot while selling flowers.

Khushi says yes, you’ve done magic on her, she makes me have tasty food. Laali comes over and says Khushi, you are here to help her. Laali ji says when you give me so much respect, my heart gets happy. Prachi asks her to be good. Laali says you gave me a big order of 50000 Rs, so no longer do I get hot due to poverty. In response, Prachi asks Khushi to do the work. Khushi asks Prachi to smile sincerely and leaves. Prachi leaves the room.

In the kitchen, Dida asks the cooks to prepare snacks and cold drinks for the guests. Dida says Badi Dida is calling. Pallavi instructs her to pick up the phone. Dida says I can’t talk to her and says you know who’s coming with her. Pallavi says we can’t steal someone’s rights. She tells her to prepare for the surprise.

It is Pallavi who picks up the call. Badi Dida asks where is Choti. Pallavi asks where is Choti? Badi Dida gives the call to Rhea. Rhea takes the call. Pallavi asks where are you, she has a surprise for you. Rhea says she is on her way. Then Prachi decides to make an excuse and leave the party. She collides with Ranbir and their hands touch. Ranbir thanks her. Akshay tells Priya that she should tell Prachi to enjoy the party and let others too. He asks if she’s right, and Priya says she’s right. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Akshay says she’s very beautiful and tells her she must be arrested.

Priya thinks he is talking about another girl and says we saw her just now. Akshay says you too are beautiful, so you should want to get arrested too. He says the media is here. He says Mummy saw you in the temple and Prachi says it’s your misunderstanding. Dida thinks Rhea is going to come here, and what will happen to her?

Akshay welcomes the media and announces his collaboration with Ranbir’s company. He tells that they will now be business partners. Prachi has been instrumental in bringing Ranbir and him together. He tells them that Dad called him here to learn some work and make things better for him.

In response to the reporter’s question, Ranbir says we will begin full-scale work tomorrow. He gives Prachi credit for bringing them together. A second reporter asks the reason for their partnership. Akshay responds that it’s obvious, two competent people have the same goal in mind, i.e. a happy and bright future.

The reporter asks about the partnership ratio. Ranbir says whatever we deserve will be given. Prachi excuses herself and is about to touch Dida’s feet, but Dida stops her. Dida says you know everything and then asks. Pallavi becomes sad. Vikram asks Dida to come with him and says he needs help.

In the bar, Ranbir asks for juice. Akshay tells him that we can drink occasionally, otherwise, why did you set up this bar? Ranbir explains that many people are here, it doesn’t look good to drink in front of them.

The party is dry today, according to Akshay. Ranbir says we’ll drink when we meet alone. Akshay says you’ve got good values and don’t be mischievous either. When Ranbir sees Priya, he says you’re the love of your life, and you might think you’re wrong, as we don’t realize how much we’ll drink. If we are drunk, we might say something wrong.

Dida tells Vikram that Khushi is our Khushi, helping her mother. Vikram asks what you mean. Dida says what you mean. Vikram compares Khushi to Ranbir. Prachi listens to Vikram. As Akshay asks Ranbir what is going on, Ranbir says whatever it is, it is important. Akshay asks if he’s going to propose to anyone.

A proposal of marriage is made by Ranbir to Prachi. Laali contemplates whether to give Khushi to Ranbir or to Prachi.

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