Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The start of the Episode sees Poorvi informing Khush that RV had put a ring on her finger. Diya, curious, asks if RV is also the one sponsoring the Diwali utsav pandal. Poorvi confirms and Khushi expresses relief that she didn’t mention RV’s previous occupation as an auto driver. She then excitedly asks for his name. Diya gushes about his handsome looks, comparing him to a hero, and how anyone could be charmed by him. She goes on to recall how he swooped in and saved her from a fire, coming across as a true hero saving his heroine in distress. Poorvi interjects that he also saved her, but Diya points out that he didn’t make her wear the ring like he did for Poorvi.

RV came and made Poorvi wear a ring when she fell off Ashutosh’s scooty and was helping him. Diya is happy. Khushi tells Diya that if she tells, she will receive his kundali, inquire about his earnings and take her alliance on her behalf. Diya agrees. Poorvi says tomorrow is my engagement and I like Ashutosh. Khushi says RV is rich and looks good.

RV inquires what Yug is doing. He mentions the girl’s observation about the finger ring and the finger name being anamika, with a connection to the heart. RV dismisses it as nonsense and realizes that Poorvi must have mentioned this to him earlier. Yug agrees, stating that his assumption was correct and Dadu’s prediction of a potential relationship between RV and Poorvi may come true. RV clarifies that the girl was not Poorvi and he had mistakenly used her name. Yug sees this as a positive sign, since RV had thoughts of Poorvi in the first place. Without further ado, RV politely asks Yug to leave.

Poorvi explains to Khushi that physical appearance is not the most important factor in a marriage. She believes that even if a couple is good-looking, it doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship if there is no love between them. Poorvi personally does not want to be in such a superficial connection. She expresses her opinion that looks are temporary and good character is what truly matters. Khushi agrees with her and compares her to their mother, saying they both have the same perspective. She adds that a man’s wealth should not be the deciding factor either; as long as he can take care of his spouse, that should be enough. Poorvi acknowledges the importance of money but reminds Khushi that she is content with what she has. Khushi warns Poorvi that their differing views on finances may lead to future arguments about household expenses.

Poorvi assures that she will handle the budget for the month, as well as taking care of their house and her parents. She plans to do some shopping at night when prices are lower. When Ashutosh was driving the scooty, she noticed how carefully he was riding and felt safe with his hand on her shoulder. She is grateful for the love, respect, and protection she receives from him and doesn’t want a husband who prioritizes material possessions over his marriage. Khushi remembers stepping out of the car by herself as they head out for puja.

Pandit ji commences the puja for Poorvi, as Manpreet starts to cough. Vishaka suggests that she should leave, but Manpreet declines. After the completion of the puja, Pandit ji prophesies that Poorvi’s married life will be filled with happiness. He gazes at the ring on her finger and declares it to be her destiny and a symbol of good luck. The person who bestowed this ring upon her is considered her “kumkum Bhagya”. Upon hearing this, Diya and Khushi are overjoyed and receive holy water from Pandit ji. As Poorvi tries to ask a question, Khushi intervenes, stating that she will visit them tomorrow before bidding farewell to everyone. Prachi also receives holy water from Pandit ji before he instructs her to apply sindoor on her forehead.

According to Vishaka, Prachi’s husband has passed away. However, Pandit ji argues that this cannot be true, as death is the ultimate reality and cannot be altered. He points out that according to her forehead lines, her husband is destined for a long life. Vishaka interrupts and asks Pandit ji to stop talking. In response, he prays for a sign from God to confirm her husband’s longevity. Suddenly, a storm arrives and Pandit ji declares that her husband is indeed alive. This reminds Vishaka of informing them about the discovery of Ranbir’s lifeless body. Prachi too shares the same thoughts and leaves the place. Feeling skeptical, Vishaka offers Pandit ji more money but warns him against fabricating stories. Undeterred, Pandit ji assures them that the man in question will soon show up in front of them all.

A man wakes up at night and thinks of Khushi and Prachi. He recalls Mihika telling him Prachi couldn’t recover from Akshay’s death trauma and feels guilty. Prachi recalls the happenings and recalls Doctor informing her of her pregnancy. The FB is shown, in which Prachi tells Ranbir she will inform him. However, when they reach the court, Mihika informs them that Ranbir is being hanged. The FB ends. Khushi might be engaged by now, and Ranbir says I wasn’t there.

During a conversation, Prachi fondly recalls their previous encounter and expresses her affection for Baklu. A flashback scene is shown where she tells Ranbir that everyone, including Mihika, believes he is innocent. Ranbir questions how Mihika got involved, to which Prachi explains that Mihika mentioned seeing Akshay and herself together for work. Feeling remorseful for speaking ill of Akshay before, Ranbir apologizes and admits he had doubts about him. However, Prachi defends Akshay’s character and shares how he had helped her in a personal matter involving Khushi. As the flashback ends, Ranbir realizes that his last memory with Prachi was based on a false premise and that she never truly loved him. This realization brings tears to Prachi’s eyes.

Ashutosh is seated in his home when his mother enters with haldi to enhance his complexion. He mentions that the traditional haldi ceremony will not take place today. She assures him that no one will know he has applied haldi and suggests saving money by avoiding a facial. Ashutosh informs her about the accident his mother’s scooty was involved in and expresses his concern for its repair, willing to pay any amount. However, he doubts if it will ever be returned to him. His mother checks on his well-being and inquires about Poorvi. Ashutosh admits he does not know about Poorvi but is more worried about the state of his beloved scooty. His mother reminds him to relax, not wanting him to have such worries at a young age, and mentions that once he gets married, Poorvi can take care of household tasks while he rests. Though Ashutosh is optimistic about marrying Poorvi and having her there to help, his main concern remains his damaged scooty.

Manpreet approaches Prachi, who embraces her and shares that despite his promises of love and support, he betrayed her. She questions why he would do this to her. Manpreet reminds her that no one can control fate. Prachi laments that her fate is cursed. Manpreet reminds her of the unwavering love from their family, including Ranbir’s siblings Ansh, Khushi, and Poorvi. Poorvi overhears their conversation and tries to comfort Prachi by asking if she wants to see others cry too. Prachi declines, determined not to shed any more tears. Poorvi points out that even their father must be pained by Prachi’s distress. In response, Prachi clings onto Poorvi for reassurance without shedding any more tears herself.


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