Kumkum Bhagya 22nd January 2024 Written Episode: Jasbir’s Disruptive Actions Threaten RV and Poorvi’s Wedding

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The episode begins with RV and Poorvi exchanging garlands and proceeding with their marriage ceremony. Diya observes Shaurya and recalls how he was smelling Palki’s hair. Shanaya notices this and advises Diya to look away, asserting that Shaurya belongs to her. Diya questions her, asking if he has told her this himself. Shanaya confidently replies that he is her fiancé, questioning Diya’s doubts. Diya then shares her aunt’s belief, Prachi Maasi, that sometimes two people are destined to be together based on their horoscopes. She recommends Shanaya to take care of herself and her heart. In response, Shanaya expresses gratitude and proclaims that although Shaurya may be challenging, she trusts in their destiny as a couple.

Pandit ji instructs Prachi to perform the ghatbandhan, but her thoughts are filled with longing for Ranbir’s presence during this ritual for his daughter. Harleen then requests Prachi to take on the task, but she declines. Meanwhile, Jasbir takes it upon himself to drive the tempo and offers to escort Poorvi home. Upon hearing Khushi’s cries for help, Jasbir orders someone to investigate and eventually halts the tempo.

Tiger and his partner quickly search the area behind them but find no one. Khushi exits the vehicle and runs off. They inform each other that she’s fleeing and successfully catches her. Jasbir joins them and inquires about her behavior. Khushi turns to face him, leaving Jasbir in shock. Manpreet questions Prachi if anything had happened, to which she replies that it was Ran…Poorvi’s father. She explains how he had eagerly wanted to tie his daughter’s ghatbandhan with all his heart and strength, ensuring it would never come undone. However, since he couldn’t fulfill this wish, she asks Harleen to take on this responsibility instead.

In his opinion, anyone can tie the knot, be it her mother or her father’s mother, but it has to be done with full heart. Poorvi gets emotional. RV asks what happened. Poorvi says, Papa. RV asks if she misses him. Poorvi cries. RV requests Prachi to do the ghatbandhan and says if you tie it, Poorvi will feel like both her parents are doing the ghatbandhan since you are both her mother and father. He says they wish to receive the blessings of both parents.

Taking the cloth and keeping it on RV’s shoulder, Prachi ties the ghatbandhan. As she ties the knot, she imagines Ranbir coming to wipe her tears and touch the ghatbandhan as she is about to tie it. She imagines him keeping his hand on Poorvi’s head. She ties the knot. RV and Poorvi look on. Kumkum Bhagya song plays…..Shaurya thinks Poorvi is lucky to have her mother, but my mother isn’t with me. He leaves. Shanaya follows him.

She asks Jasbir if he is out of his mind, saying you have kidnapped me. Jasbir replies, “I wanted to kidnap Poorvi,” and says RV cannot marry her. He slaps Tiger and the other guard and asks them if Poorvi is there. He asks from what angle she looks at Poorvi since you both have seen her. He says you ruined all the hard work and asks what I will do about her.

I wouldn’t say I like RV because he has stolen my husband’s contract, but I can see my sister marrying him, but I can’t bear to see her with you. Khushi says she will tell everyone. She runs. Jasbir asks his goons/guards to catch her. She runs. Jasbir comes in front of Khushi, pours chloroform on the handkerchief, and throws the bottle on the ground. He then holds the handkerchief on her nose to make her unconscious and Khushi faints.

Shanaya comes to Shaurya and says she wants to ask him something. Shaurya says he can answer anything, but I cannot promise. Shanaya asks why you are behaving strangely. Shaurya says that you are behind me. Shanaya says I like you, if you had told me before I would have understood. Shaurya says many girls like me. He says we have come for someone’s wedding. Shanaya says I need to speak to you. He says his day is terrible and he doesn’t want to add up.

As Jasbir and his guards take the drum to the wedding venue, Khushi is inside. They keep the drum. The drum falls. Jasbir says Poorvi is my gharwali. Then he says she is half gharwali. What will happen if she dies? He says he just wants Poorvi. Tiger says you really like Poorvi. Jasbir says he really loves Poorvi and asks them not to distract him and make arrangements for the drum. He says he will take Poorvi away from here.


Jasbir enters the mandap and places water kalash in the havan. RV looks at the drum as it falls. Jasbir walks behind Poorvi, holding a chloroform handkerchief as he prepares to kidnap her.

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