Suhaagan 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Property Drama Unfolds Between Krish, Payal, and Bindiya

Suhaagan 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Payal asking Krish whether he has any assets or inheritance in his name. Krish responds that a desire for wealth does not drive Bindiya. She wants him. Payal warns him that Bindiya could claim half of his property and asks if he wants her to receive their father’s hard-earned money. Krish firmly states that he will not give Bindiya anything other than a divorce. Payal persists, asking if there is indeed any property under his name. Krish remembers that Indu had given him some papers, so he searched for them and eventually presented them to Payal after confirming their contents.

Payal is pleased and praises, “You are truly a King.” She then suggests that Bindiya’s intentions may be selfish. After performing a puja, Bindiya takes the aarti to the rooms. Payal expresses her disappointment in Bindiya for causing harm to others and questions her right to inherit all the property. Sakshi informs Vikram that Mummy paid the lawyer with a bag full of money as his fees. This makes Vikram deep in thought. Sakshi urges him to take action. Payal turns to Krish and suggests, “We need to devise a plan to protect our property from Bindiya.” She then proposes transferring it to someone else’s name. Krish agrees, saying this is the best course of action. Payal asks, “Whose name should we transfer it to?”

Krish plans to transfer all his property to his mother’s name. Payal becomes upset and suggests that involving their mother may cause complications if she has to go through court proceedings. Krish agrees, stating that he wants to avoid any potential issues being raised against his mother. Payal then mentions Vikram as an alternative but points out that Sakshi may prevent him from getting involved in legal matters. Krish acknowledges her observation, adding that transferring the property may not be wise during their ongoing divorce proceedings. Payal agrees, noting that divorces can be complex, and suggests seeking assistance from Mr. Chopra to transfer the property to someone else’s name.

Krish inquired about transferring property ownership to someone while Bindiya lit incense and prayed for Krishna’s well-being. Payal suggested choosing someone dear to his heart as the recipient of the property. Krish declared his intention to marry Payal and transfer the property to her name after Bindiya’s departure, which Bindiya overheard. As she held the file in her hand, Payal assured Krish that she only wanted him, not his wealth.

Krish urges her to comprehend his perspective, acknowledging that she has no interest in the property or wealth. He insists she must agree with him and promises to transfer the property into her name, freeing him from its hold. Suddenly, they both notice the smell of aarti and see Bindiya at the doorway. She explains that she has come to offer aarti to the room and snatches a file from Payal’s hands, giving her a fierce look. Krish informs Bindiya that he is the rightful owner of the property and declares that she will not receive anything. He commands her to leave immediately. Bindiya counters by stating that this room also belongs to her and that she cannot be kicked out. She reminds them that Krish has forgotten everything and asks why he brought in a tenant without consulting her first.

Krish shouts and says you are forgetting that…Bindiya asks Payal to leave from there. Payal gets scared seeing Devi in her and sits on the bed, shocked. She gets up and leaves. Krish calls Payal and says Bindiya must die there alone. Bindiya thinks about telling Baldev. Baldev tells Bindiya that Payal tricked Krishna into naming the property in her name, and she wants to get his property, but Baldev says she cannot.

Sakshi takes Indu to her room, where Vikram reveals a bungalow on the outskirts. However, Indu expresses concern about the lack of necessary funds. Sakshi tries to convince her otherwise, but their conversation is interrupted by Baldev’s shouting. Curious, Indu approaches Baldev and asks for an explanation. Krish also comes to see what is happening, and Baldev confronts him about his intentions to transfer his property to Payal. Sakshi turns to Vikram and asks for clarification on the situation, but he admits he is unaware of the details.

Krish explains that Bindiya is known for spreading news even faster than reporters. He agrees with Payal’s observation that Bindiya is unpredictable and capable of anything. Determined, Payal declares that she will not allow Bindiya any control over her property. Vikram inquires about the specific property in question. Nidhi protests, feeling left out of the decision-making process regarding the property division. Sakshi adds that they only learned about the recent development today.

Krish reveals that Papa bribed him to marry Bindiya, shocking Vikram. Baldev questions the use of a bribe, to which Krish defends himself by asking if he didn’t tell the truth. Baldev, still puzzled, suggests checking with his mother about how she emotionally manipulated him into putting the property under his name. Sakshi questions Indu’s bias towards her daughter-in-law and asks why she played favorites. Indu defends herself by stating that while she did talk to Sakshi once about it, she never resorted to emotional blackmail. Baldev reminds her she seems to have forgotten so quickly and threatens to expose the truth to the entire family. Payal becomes anxious at the thought of what this elderly man will bring and wonders if he will also start doubting her.


Payal feels forced to tear the property papers when Krishna asks her to do so.

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