Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Naren’s Bold Decision Shocks the Family

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Upon arriving at the house that night, Naren was greeted by the sound of someone singing. He immediately went to his uncle, who questioned his whereabouts at such a late hour and if he had eaten. Meanwhile, Samta was finishing dinner with excitement building as she awaited the arrival of the children, who had baked a cake for Naren. Trying to keep everyone calm, she reminded them there was still time before they could celebrate. But Naren knew they intended to lift his spirits, using the celebration as an excuse. Samta handed him a knife to cut the cake, and he shared it with his uncle, Samta, and the children – even playfully teasing Kunal. Finally, Naren enjoyed a slice of cake himself.

Samta invites Naren to join them for dinner but declines, asking if he did anything wrong today. His uncle chimes in by singing a song, and Ronak appears and questions what is happening. Everyone is surprised. Ronak explains that his father loves to sleep and doesn’t let anyone else sleep, so he goes to bed. Naren apologizes, but his uncle argues that there is a song for every situation. Naren disagrees, saying that songs cannot always provide the answer. Ronak agrees with Naren and adds that their father treats everyone equally, including his son. Ronak encourages Naren to follow this example. Naren stands up angrily when Ronak mentions how all love stories in the house seem to end sadly, hinting that Naren will also have to make sacrifices.

Ronak’s uncle cautions him against comparing himself to Naren and praises Hemraj for arranging his marriage with Roupa, who has no issues. Ronak insists that Roupa is not the woman he loves, so her opinions do not matter. As Ronak storms off, Roupa follows suit, leaving Samta to apologize to Naren. However, Naren reassures her that everything is fine. Meanwhile, Samta observes her husband hitting his forehead in frustration, lamenting how much effort it took to help Naren become “normal,” only for Ronak to ruin the mood again. In an emotional moment, they start crying while hugging tightly and singing together.

As Naren enters his room, he heads straight to the portrait of Nandini. He knows their love story may face challenges, but he reassures her that it will have a happy ending. While Hemraj peacefully sleeps, Chanchal is still awake when she receives a surprising text message on her phone. She quickly picks up her phone and reads it with shock. Meanwhile, Nandini is sound asleep until her phone starts ringing. It’s Naren on the line, apologizing for interrupting her rest. He explains that he needs to speak with her urgently and asks her to meet him in the main lounge. Startled by this request, Nandini rushes downstairs to open the door for him.

Nandini is taken aback to see Naren outside their house. She questions why he would risk riding his bike, to which Naren responds that sometimes we have to take risks in our lives. Nandini notices his troubled expression and reaches out to him. Concerned, she asks him what is wrong. Naren embraces her and inquires if she genuinely loves him. With a knowing answer, Nandini wonders why he would ask such a question. In response, Naren reveals that he’s been feeling disillusioned and the people he once trusted are not who they seem. That’s why he needs to know if she still loves him. Without hesitation, Nandini confirms her love for him. Hearing this, Naren asks if she will stand by him as he makes life-changing decisions.

When Chanchal knocks on the door, Samta comes out, asking what has happened, and she urges Samta to wake Virel; when Samta asks her if she can help her, Chanchal reveals Naren has left the house. Virel informs Samta he cheered Naren and even sang for him, but Chanchal shows the text, Samta asks him what he has done, Virel asks Chanchal what they should do now, worried about Hemraj finding out, when Virel sees Hemraj standing behind them, he is shocked.

Naren thinks she will support him in his decisions. Nandini agrees, stating that true decisions can never be wrong. Naren says they should get married right now. Nandini asks about their families. Naren starts fumbling, explaining that he will be able to convince her family members, but the truth is that his family members aren’t by his side. Nandini asks what he means by it all.

When Nandini questions him, Naren assures her that he is being honest. He explains that he had confessed his love for her to his father and expressed his desire to marry her. However, his father refused and even attempted to arrange a marriage with Sujan’s daughter under the condition that she become like Nandini. This caused Sujan to leave the situation angrily, resulting in an argument between Naren and his father. Feeling overwhelmed, Naren left his family behind and came to marry Nandini.

The entire family stands while Hemraj reads Naren’s text; Hemraj says that Chanchal wanted to explain it to Naren, and now that he has left, he will announce that the doors of this house will open at the last moment. Naren enters the house just at the last moment, so Chanchal asks where he went, but Hemraj stops Chanchal and says he will talk to him alone. As Hemraj reads Naren the text, he cannot comprehend how he broke all relationships because of a girl.

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