Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Abhinav begins by saying that where the relationship is genuine no effort has to be made to show it. He has seen her love when she ran towards Abhimanyu because her feelings for him were genuine. He knows he came between the two of them, and apologizes for it. He concedes that what is Akshara’s can’t be his, and acknowledges he is a small man who can’t get a grand love story. She responds by saying she doesn’t want any grand story and adds that she knows Abhinav had seen her and Abhir inside the temple and given them privacy to hear out what was said. He abruptly replies with ‘I know’.

Her reply is: “Hey listen to me.” He says he doesn’t want to know it, I’m a little man, but I’m not a fallen person. She says you have to listen. He says he’s a poor man, I don’t have any right or relationship with you, it was better for me to die. Shut up, Abhinav, I won’t listen to this nonsense. He apologizes, he cannot do this. Then he goes and stops for a moment. Yeh Jeevan Hai song is playing in the background. Akshara walks behind him.

Surekha says she doesn’t think Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s engagement will happen, there is no excitement. Suvarna asks what we can do for your excitement, shall Manish and I do Salsa, a dance form? Surekha says US life is busy. Dadi asks Surekha to take care of her health. Surekha says yes, dance well of engagement happens. They argue. Dadi says I know no one can take someone’s fate along, but did Akshara’s arrival disturb Aarohi’s life? Manish says Aarohi would have told us, just pray that Abhi is proven right for Aarohi and Roohi.

When Akshara wakes up, she looks around and wonders where Abhinav went. She reads a note that she finds. He has written that he is going to get the car fixed. She says he went without telling me for the first time in six years. Abhir wakes up and hugs Askhara and says good morning mom. She kisses him. It looks new today, dad isn’t with me, where’s he gone? Abhinav’s picture falls. They worry.

A worried Manjiri asks Shefali about the arrangements. Mahima tells her to relax, everything will be fine. Manjiri puts the ring back in the box. She says all the problems have been resolved, now this house won’t attract anyone’s evil eye.

Akshu climbs on the stool and replaces the picture on the wall. She thinks this family is there because of Abhinav, but I won’t let his fear come true. Abhir says something looks different now, it’s not like before.

Roohi sets Abhianyu’s hair and then suggests they dance to two or three songs. Abhimanyu happily agrees to her request. Seeing his confidence, she points out that he is hurt, but he assures her that the medicine has taken effect, making everyone smile. Anand states that the pandit hasn’t arrived yet and Mahima advises them to hurry over here. Shefali points out that Roohi had already set Abhimanyu’s hair and adds that everyone should dress up before coming in. When Aarohi gets her engagement dress, Manjiri begins to do some rituals and puts it on Aarohi, who surprises them all when she refuses to get engaged and asks for more time. Manjiri immediately expresses her surprise while Abhimanyu tries to control the situation by asking her to have some water. He further explains that Aarohi needs some time and reassures Manjiri of his support for Aarohi’s decision. He then gives a sign of understanding to Aarohi while advising Manjiri not to take it as a problem; he stresses there is no need to rush, as all they desire is for him and Aarohi to be together and he will always be with her and support her in every decision she makes.

She says, Abhinav. Neela comes. She asks what happened, and is everything fine. Akshara hugs her and says no, nothing is fine.

Abhimanyu comes to meet Kairav. Kairav gets angry. Abhimanyu hugs him and says I’m sorry, you said I’m wrong, you were right, and you’re not only Akshara’s brother, but also my friend, and I’m sorry for the injustice I caused her. Why are you sorry now Kairav asks, why are you doing this romance scene with me? Abhimanyu admits he’s sorry. Kairav scolds him and says you’ll never be forgiven, this is your punishment. He leaves.

Roohi asks Abhimanyu why they are removing decorations, Abhimanyu replies that the decorations will get spoilt hence they are removing them. Roohi asks him if he is breaking his promise to become her poppy. He stares at her.

Akshara says I wanted Abhinav to enjoy the Udaipur sightseeing, but all he saw was my past which is not too good. I can’t explain him, he is still fighting. Neela explains the situation to her. She says Abhinav is scared things might change. Akshara says I’m also scared, but we need to move on. She sees Abhinav’s picture which is crooked. .

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Shefali says if it wasn’t for my child, I wouldn’t have stayed with you. Parth slaps her. She falls down. Abhi sees this and asks how dare you to raise your hand at her? Akshara comes to the police station and assures the inspector she will get the proof needed to release her husband. She promises that as long as she is around her husband will not suffer.

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