Faltu 17th November, 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Pappi reveal Faltu’s disguise and forcefully take her to marry her. Ayaan’s guy calls him and informs him about what is happening in Ittarpur. Ayaan asks him to release Faltu.

Ayaan hears the conversation over the phone and decides to go back to help Faltu. He asks Su to board the plane and says he will arrive home before the mahurat. Pappi denies taking the money and says it’s now about his image, and he will marry Faltu at any cost.

Charan attempts to stop Pappi but his thugs intervene, Faltu takes a cane and is just about to thrash him when Pappi wrests the stick away and insists it’s not their culture to hit one’s husband. He was on the point of striking Faltu when Ratan interjects asking him to remain composed until marriage. Pappi calls the Police informing them that Charan Singh had gone back on his word. The Police come to his aid and tell Charan he must accompany them to the station or accept for Faltu and Pappi to be wed. Hence, it appears as if his ruse of summoning false police officers had been successful.

Ayaan rushes to help Faltu, but drops his phone in haste. He decides to get arrested instead of letting Faltu ruin her life. He says that she did her best, but now it’s his turn. Ratan and Kaki are shocked by Charan’s decision. Ratan asks Kaki to start her drama. Kaki provokes Faltu and asks how she can send her father to jail. Will she be able to sleep in the night after doing this?

Tanisha is welcomed into the home by Ayesha, who shows her the room. Tanisha is asked to help Ayaan’s aunt renovate the room.

As a result of Kaki’s words, Faltu agrees to marry Pappi. Pappi celebrate Faltu’s agreement. Faltu gets ready in her bridal attire, cries in front of Pratap, and tells him that she dreams of playing cricket. Then, Ayaan sneaks in and tells Faltu that he will help her.

As Ayaan urges Faltu, he says that cricket needs players like her. Faltu says that she too wants to play cricket and teach Pappi a lesson. Charan knocks on the door. Faltu and Ayaan are stunned.

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