Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th April 2023 Written Update


Angad says he will stay back and asks Garry to handle the client meeting because he trusts him. Garry fumes as he wonders how to stop Angad from questioning Seerat.

When the nurse informs Angad that Seerat has regained her senses, Angad and Sahiba walk into her room and ask her how she is feeling. As Garry hopes Seerat will not reveal his name, he calls Angad’s number from his phone, and instead of giving him the phone, he walks into Seerat’s room and tells her to keep quiet. Ajith and his family return and ask Garry if he has seen Angad and Seerat. Garry replies that they are inside Seerat’s room as she has regained her senses. Seerat turns her face around. Garry walks out and calls someone. Angad and Seerat are inside Seerat’s room.

Angad asks Seerat why she took such an extreme step. Sahiba asks her to open up. Seerat asks there is nothing else to say. Families walk in. Santosh asks her how she is feeling now. Rather than correct her, Ajith kicked her out of the house as a father.

Angad says she is right and insists that everyone go out and let him question Seerat because they can understand his state of mind. Santosh says they can understand his state of mind, he can go ahead. Angad becomes adamant. Sahiba walks out with her family. Seerat just regained her senses.

As Angad asks Seerat why she betrayed him and eloped with someone else, Garry overhears their conversation over the phone and prays to God that she doesn’t steal his name from her. As Seerat recalls Garry’s misbehaviour, Angad insists he tells him the name of the guy. Sahiba tells her family to be with Seerat to protect her from Angad mentally pressuring her.

As Angad insists on telling him the name of the man, Seerat lies and apologizes for the problems he faced as a result of her actions. Seerat tells Angad God is punishing her by making her homeless and suffering. She apologizes to him with folded hands. Garry thinks she’s a liar, but why did she hide the name of her lover?

He remembers their first meeting, their engagement, etc. Sahiba opens the door. Angad asks why she said she loved him when she questioned him on the phone if she didn’t love him. Angad says he called her the night before the wedding and asked if she loved him. She said yes, and he was thrilled that she wanted to talk to him too.

Angad thinks about who said yes to him that night. Sahiba remembers speaking to him as Seerat. Angad asks Seerat if she loved him even for a moment. Angad walks away from Seerat. Garry feels happy and thinks things are going well for him. As Sahiba walks behind Angad, she says she wants to tell him something important. Angad says he doesn’t want to hear it. Sahiba reveals that it was she who spoke to him that night.

She betrayed him, and if she hadn’t picked up Seerat’s call and lied to him, he would not have married her. Sahiba says she didn’t do it on purpose. She was out of the house when he called her and she said yes. He asked her to stop her nonsense and accept that she wanted to be Brar family bahu and Angad’s wife; people now know her as Angad’s divorced wife.

After he leaves, Santosh asks Seerat if she took Garry’s name in front of Angad. Seerat nods.

According to Sahiba, Seerat’s elopement partner is responsible for all the problems, and she will find out who he is.

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