KumKum Bhagya 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

The story starts with Aaliya arriving at Kohli Mansion. Pallavi asks why she came here? Dida says you’d have called if you forgot something, and we’d have sent it to you. Vikram says we clearly said you weren’t welcome. Aaliya says you said, but you didn’t ask me to come for any reason. She says I’ve brought your invitation card to give you a new one, and that you’re going to jail.

Pallavi declared that no invitation would be sent to you, making it clear there was no desire to maintain contact. Vikram disapproved of the card being acquired through coercion and Dida asked if they would be taken off to jail for not inviting you. Aaliya found humour in the story, noting she couldn’t care less about missing a dull event. Dida informed them of their 9 o’clock arrival time as indicated by the flyer and Aaliya lightheartedly mentioned this detail would not appear on it. Vikram politely requested she leaves and Aaliya questioned why Ranbir’s and Prachi’s names were listed on the card, as Ranbir stated he was married to her.

Aaliya enquires as to who the owner of the car is and when lawyer Mr Manish shows up, he states that Rhea Kohli has accused Ranbir of bigamy; marrying Prachi after her. Vikram requests an explanation, and Pallavi explains that Ranbir is wed to Prachi. Aaliya warns that if they tell lies in court it will mean jail for them all, due to the photograph containing Rhea and Ranbir in the backdrop. Dida wonders why they can’t let Ranbir and Prachi remain blissful while Aaliya says there should be no reason why Rhea shouldn’t be joyous too. She then wonders what kind of charges they would face, what type of punishment awaits them, and how she can prove they are deceivers and traitors.

Mr. Manish remarks that the case is not unprecedented in court, and it has been established that a second marriage is legally invalid. Ranbir informs the lawyer that his wedding with Rhea was void since he and Prachi had separated but not divorced yet. Aaliya then insists that she can prove them wrong in court, warning Ranbir to surrender or face the consequences. Vikram intervenes, reminding them that Ranbir had never been with Rhea – something she knew well. Nevertheless, Aaliya stresses to everyone that feelings have no bearing in court and obliges Pallavi to accompany her and Rajesh to the hearing the day after tomorrow. Mr. Manish hands out a court notice threatening criminal charges should they fail to appear as scheduled, resulting in an immediate end to the party. Vikram requests Aaliya’s departure, which she duly heeds upon being reminded of Pallavi’s earlier plea for her to leave. Before leaving, she generously pays the lawyer and promises him she will ensure their house comes crashing down eventually like cards.

He woke up early and embraced Prachi, asking why he was anxious, to which he replied that the whole family would have to go to court for something he caused. Prachi was confident nothing would happen and informed him Aaliya Buji had said so and that Rhea was not at fault. In response, Prachi commented that she would convince her cousin to drop the complaint if what she believed was true. Ranbir offered to accompany her, promising not to leave her alone. Prachi accepted.

Aaliya approached Rhea, saw the tears in her eyes and asked what was wrong. She then consoled her, telling her she could go to the office to sign some important papers without questioning why. She promised to get a driver for her straight away. When Pallavi went to Dida at the temple and told her about how they had driven out both Rhea and Aaliya but were still caring for their children, Dida expressed disbelief at the accusations made against them which caused Pallavi to implore God for protection. Not long after this, Aaliya received a call from an attorney informing her that she hadn’t yet notified Rhea of the appointment date but would do soon. Then there came a knock on the door; Aaliya opened it.

Aaliya was taken off guard when she spotted Prachi and Ranbir at her door. “What a surprise!”, she proclaimed. “Why have you come?”. Ranbir replied that they had come to meet her and expressed dissatisfaction for not visiting after Aaliya left home. Angered, he then accused her of being a waste of time but was interrupted by Aaliya before he could continue. Despite the interruption, he still insisted that she had been to his house and caused mayhem. Aaliya questioned Prachi if such behaviour is taught in her family, yet Prachi claimed that their only agenda was to meet with Aaliya’s sister and not herself. Before departing, Ranbir told Prachi to follow him while questioning whether Aaliya had done well enough for herself when back in the office. As they left, Aaliya sniggered as though they were thrown into an ambush engineered by her.

Rhea, who’s in the office, hears Ranbir’s call and begins to cry in despair that she can only imagine him being there. She remembers what he said and despairs that her attempt to secure it all has gone astray. Aaliya then summons Goon, inquiring what should be done now that Prachi and Ranbir have left elsewhere. Goon informs her they need to be sent off to the Renovation zone as this was just a small part of a broader plan with no line of retreat. Aaliya further explains that Rhea would be misled by her own men into an under-construction space which would eventually collapse on them leading people to believe it was an accident instead of murder. Ultimately, she contrives how while they initially wanted to kick Rhea out of the house, she herself will be sending them away from this world.

Rhea coughs and leaves the cabin. Prachi asks her where she is and takes her name. Ranbir and Prachi arrive at the office. Prachi calls Rhea and asks her where she is. She says you sent a legal notice through Buji’s hand, which is why we are here. She is shocked and asks what you are talking about. She says I didn’t send you any notice. Prachi couldn’t hear her. She continues to claim that she did not send a notice.

Prachi and Ranbir search for Aaliya’s cabin, eventually being pointed in the right direction by a dubious individual. Upon Rhea’s call to her, Aaliya is hostile and rudely proclaims not only has Ranbir been taken from her but also the house. Furious, Rhea hangs up before Aalia can further insult Prachi. When she redials, however, Aalia refuses to reveal what she meant by ‘arrangements have been made’ before abruptly ending the call.

Precap: Aaliya tells Rhea she didn’t like her interference with her plan. If you hadn’t interjected, Ranbir, Prachi, and their so-called baby… Rhea apologizes to Prachi in court and says she hopes no one gets a sister like her again. Prachi becomes emotional when she tells Ranbir and Prachi she wants to see them happy with their child outside of court.

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