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In the beginning of the Episode, Vishaka summons Akshay to her room and commends him for bringing Khushi home. She explains that she was concerned about Ranbir’s behavior, as he tends to act recklessly when Prachi is involved. However, now that Khushi is here, she hopes he will shift his focus and love her instead. Vishaka expresses her admiration for Akshay’s actions and he agrees, stating that his intentions were not to use Khushi as a distraction for Ranbir, but rather to rid their household of his negative influence.

As your sister loves Ranbir very much, Vishaka says nothing will happen to him. Akshay advises her to relax and says nothing will happen to him, but the family will have some difficulties for a few days before everything gets back to normal. Afterward, things will be messed up for a few days, and Ranbir and Mihika will marry, and Prachi and I will remain married, and Khushi will be our daughter. Vishaka asks what you will do?

Akshay reveals that Prachi and Ranbir’s separation was due to Ranbir’s belief that Khushi’s death was caused by her. Years later, when they reunited, they were plagued by insecurity and fear. Ranbir feared losing Khushi to Prachi and vice versa. Akshay plans to exploit these insecurities for his own gain. Vishaka urges him to understand and assures that Khushi will not be affected. However, Akshay insists that there will be issues for the next two days before he leaves.

Khushi asks Prachi for chole batura. Khushi says the model is wearing a beautiful dress. Prachi asks who gave her fashion magazine. Ranbir says nobody else will give her fashion magazine. Prachi asks why did he give her and says you have her fashion magazine. Prachi says talking to you is wasteful and tells him to think before doing anything. She tells Khushi that they will have food first, and Khushi wonders if Papa will also have food.

According to Ranbir, his daughter takes good care of him. Prachi assures that they won’t let him go hungry and will provide him with food. She encourages her to eat first before they do. Khushi pleads for Ranbir’s help to escape her mother. He willingly carries her on his back as they run around. Prachi reminds Khushi to eat her food. Mihika observes their heartwarming family moment. Together, Khushi and Ranbir share a lovely time together. However, Prachi suddenly becomes upset and threatens to leave. Ranbir begs her not to be angry with him while Khushi expresses her love for her mother. In the end, Ranbir apologizes and Mihika becomes disappointed.

When Akshay meets the goon, he says he wouldn’t have called you if there wasn’t work. He tells the goon to kidnap her, and gives her a photo. He asks him to kidnap her during Krishna’s birth. Prachi asks Ranbir to feed food to Khushi. Khushi asks if I really need it. Ranbir tells Khushi to obey her mother, and says that a mother always thinks well of her child. Mihika enters the room and asks, “What’s happening here?”

Khushi is eating, says Ranbir. Mihika greets her and tells her she hasn’t met her. Khushi says I’ll come to you. Mihika tells her she’s going to marry her Papa. Khushi says means two Mummy. Mihika says double love. Ranbir says triple love, if I could love you, but your mom won’t let me meet you every day. Prachi becomes sad. Ranbir tells Mihika she will be a good mother. Prachi becomes upset and leaves Ranbir.

When Ranbir comes behind her and asks why she behaves the way you do, Prachi asks, “Did you not know?” She replies, “I know you well.” Ranbir replies, “If you had known me well, we wouldn’t have fought.” Prachi accuses him of stealing her daughter again. Ranbir asks what you mean by again. As Prachi explains, I lost her because of you. When I found her, then you came to adopt her, and when I wanted to adopt her, I was able to get her because of Akshay.

Ranbir reassures me that he will not take any action to separate you from her, knowing your role as her mother. Prachi expresses relief and gratitude for Akshay’s support. Ranbir promises to continue the conversation when Prachi is calm and then leaves. Vishaka, understanding the maternal instinct, advises Prachi to be cautious and vigilant. She shares her own experience of protecting her children and expresses concern that Ranbir might try to take Khushi away from Prachi. However, she emphasizes that she does not want a daughter to be separated from her mother. With that, she plants seeds of doubt in Prachi’s mind against Ranbir before leaving.

As he asks Mihika to give Khushi the peacock feather, he tells her she will be happy. She also asks her to bond well with Khushi. Vishaka tells Manpreet that Khushi will help you get closer to Ranbir, and that parents prefer people who love their children. Vishaka asks Mihika to pretend to love Khushi more.

He says your happiness matters to me a lot and there is nothing more important to me than your happiness. He says we should sit down and talk and clear up our misunderstandings before there are more misunderstandings. Prachi says he is thinking of Prachi. Prachi asks him not to talk about her happiness, and says you have hurt me so much, that you have no idea and I was hurt because I trusted you and thought my Ranbir couldn’t hurt me, but you hurt me.

According to Ranbir, it’s all a lie and he says what’s on your mind. He asks her to hold his hand and says he just wants the happiness of her and him, as well as the happiness of their family. Prachi replies that I am no longer your wife. He says you are my family, that we are one, that Akshay and others are there only to show off. I won’t make you understand more, he says. She should use her mind and understand the things.

Akshay smiles as he hears Prachi’s question. She asks if he informed Ranbir about their fake marriage. He assures her that he never considered it to be fake and reminds her that they are husband and wife. Akshay wanted to talk to Prachi, but noticed she was in a bad mood. Khushi had mentioned that Ranbir wanted to take him for a walk in the park, but Akshay wasn’t sure due to the bad weather. However, he couldn’t say no as he wanted to maintain a good relationship with Khushi. He reveals that Ranbir asked Khushi not to tell anyone and might not have told Prachi either. Akshay suggests that Prachi see what she can do about it. To create tension between Prachi and Ranbir, Akshay fabricates a story and grins mischievously.

Khushi says no and says you have fed me paneer paratha five minutes ago. Prachi says you had it 30 minutes ago. Mihika comes there. Khushi says she does not want the juice now. Vishaka asks Prachi not to feed her food forcibly and asks her to let her do what she wants. Khushi smiles, Prachi says she is good at talking. Mihika says she should relax for a while.

Taking a look at Khushi, Prachi asks Ranbir why she is sad. She says I will be bad. Ranbir says I understand your sadness. Prachi says since she was born, she has always been my part and I forget all my worries. She says she couldn’t express her love to her, so she tries to be with her. Khushi should be with her in this way, she says.

Khushi says you are jealous. Prachi says no. Ranbir tells her that Khushi’s love for you will never end, even grow stronger. She says Khushi’s love for you will never change. Prachi says if you understand my love for her, don’t separate me from her. Ranbir says why will I separate her from you, you are her mother. Prachi thinks about Akshay and Vishaka’s provocative words. Prachi asks him to promise her.

He gets up and goes. He says, “If I want to take Khushi, I’ll take her from in front of her, and you can stop her then.” They start the aarti. Everyone is standing for aarti. Akshay thinks he can separate them by using Khushi and says Ranbir cannot enter Prachi’s life again. He calls the goon and asks him to come inside and meet Ranbir. Prachi looks at Ranbir as Akshay does puja with her.


Khushi is being sought by everyone in the house. Ranbir asks Akshay what he was going to say. Akshay replies that he was intending to say you kidnapped Khushi. Khushi is kidnapped by Ranbir, and Prachi asks the inspector to arrest him.

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