Anupama 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Maaya tells Anupama that they are good parents but luck is in her favour just now.  Anupama says that since Little Anu is with her she hopes that luck is always in her favour. Maaya reminds them she has just half an hour for her flight.

Anupama says in the next half an hour they have to collect a lifetime of memories. 

All play hide and seek with Little Anu. Anuj is in tears. The scene was further enhanced by the ‘Tu Jo Mila To Hogaya Mai Kaabil…’ song playing in the background. Everyone got a chance to spend quality time before saying goodbye, as Little Anu went around greeting each family member and playing with them.

Maaya reminded them of the deadline, informing them it was time to head to the airport. Tears rolled down both parents’ faces as they reluctantly left for the car, leaving an indelible memory in their hearts which can never be forgotten.

Anuj and Anupama give their beloved Little Anu one final embrace, after which they perform her tilak. Next, they ask her to light a temple lamp before she leaves. Little Anu complies and requests them to keep the lamp lit forever in her memory. She prays to the gods to give her parents the strength to endure her absence without tears. This breaks Anuj down.

Maaya informs them it is time for them to part, however, Little Anu insists that she stay with her parents instead of accompanying Maaya. Everyone rejoices at this news while Maaya panics and attempts to persuade her otherwise. Kavya wonders why Maaya is trying to force something upon Little Anu that goes against her own wishes. Kinjal agrees and advises Maaya to respect what Little Anu wants, just like how Anuj and Anupama did earlier. Despite these pleas from Maaya, Anuj and Anupama stand by their decision not to let Little Anu go if she does not want to. Finally, after much pleading from both sides, Little Anu appeals tearfully that if she is truly happy with her parents then they should let her remain here; promptly granting her wish, Maaya

Anupama realises it’s just her imagination, and Little Anu’s enquiry about them going awakens her to reality. The song ‘Oh Re Chiraiya’ plays in the background as Anuj and Anupama drop her off at the cab. Maaya asserts that they should not count on Little Anu returning, as she will receive all the love necessary elsewhere. As she gets into the car, waving goodbye with a smile affixed on her face, Maaya closes the window and ‘Mat Jaa Re Mat Jaa’ plays in the background, as their car moves away from sight. Anuj and Anupama run behind the car some distance and then sit on the road teary-eyed, reminiscing about all the beautiful moments spent with Little Anu.

The Shahs arrive in the evening and Kinjal perceives that Anupama and Anuj must be heartbroken. Vanraj shares his understanding of a man’s desolation when his offspring part from him. Kinjal accuses Maaya of being callous. Leela blames Anupama for allowing strangers into her home and exploiting her benevolence. Kavya faults Maaya and Vanraj confronts her, but Hasmukh intervenes. Samar is perplexed about why Anupama let Little Anu go. Kinjal expresses that a mother can’t watch her daughter cry, while Hasmukh opines that a father can never really comprehend what mothers feel, wishing that both Anuj and Anupama cope with the situation in a good way.

His eyes moist, Anuj is snuggling with the doll of Little Anu while reciting a poem inside his head while tautly, his mother also murmurs some verses trying to comfort him. He didn’t anticipate this separation to come so soon – a father should normally bid goodbye to their daughter when she leaves but not so soon.

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Anupama tries to comfort Anuj by saying she lost Little Anu as well. Anuj replies that she has three kids and has not lost anything.  Anuj says he lost a daughter because of her. He is feeling suffocated in her presence. He leaves the room. Anupama thinks he will return.

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