KumKum Bhagya Written Episode Update 6th January 2023

Written episode update of Kumkum Bhagya for 6th January 2023.

The first scene of the episode involves Ranbir trying to feed Prachi. Prachi says she’s experiencing pain and it’s getting worse. She says they’re going to the gynaecologist. Ranbir asks how did this happen suddenly. Prachi says they’re going to the doctor. He encourages her not to be stressed. In the end, he calls Aryan and asks him to get the car ready for Prachi. The lawyer arrives at Aaliya’s house. Aaliya asks him to explain how the Kohli family is destroyed.

The lawyer questioned why Aaliya hadn’t told him about Rhea’s inaction. Highly frustrated, Aaliya asked what else they could do. The lawyer replied that she must still file the case while bearing her current misery in mind. When Aaliya suggested filing a suit in her own name, the lawyer clarified that as she was not married to Ranbir but Rhea was, she should assist her instead of becoming the plaintiff. He then went on to say that this difficulty could be quickly resolved if the action were taken. Annoyed and angry, Aaliya dismissed him and told him to leave. Eventually, after he had gone, she thought over his words and decided she would give all possible help for Rhea to register the lawsuit.

During the hospital check-up, Ranbir panics. Aryan says she’s fine, don’t worry. Shahana tells him to calm down. Ranbir says she hurts. Prachi arrives after the check-up. The doctor says Prachi is concerned because her father cares more about his mother. Ranbir is more concerned with Prachi than anything else. The doctor says it was just an anxiety attack. He says he’ll take care of Prachi. They leave.

Pallavi asks Ranbir how Prachi is? Ranbir says she is fine. Dida asks why you hide things from us. Ranbir says she is fine. Prachi comes home. Pallavi asks how are you? Does Ranbir say what happened? Sid says Aryan didn’t pick up the call. Aryan apologizes and tells us we had promised to take care of Prachi. Pallavi scolds Ranbir for failing to do so.

Vikram relayed his displeasure to Ranbir for not having told them. They felt hurt and said he should have informed them instead of Aryan and Shahana. Ranbir apologized, promising to keep them in the loop next time. Pallavi embraced Prachi, who got emotional after her assurance that she would look after her happiness. Then Pallavi made a sudden announcement, inviting everyone as a couple to the reception she had planned for Prachi being her bahu. Still, Prachi declined the kind gesture from Pallavi, but was asked to take a break as arrangements for the celebration needed to be made; Dida, Vikram and Pallavi left with Shahana taking Aryan along. Prachi glanced at Ranbir who gave her a hug in response.

Her green tea will be brought, Priya tells Pallavi. Pallavi asks her to ask the driver to invite the four guests, otherwise, she will go and invite them herself. Aaliya arrives. Priya shows Aaliya the invitation, who says it isn’t for her, after looking at the guest list. Aaliya takes it with her. Priya thinks she will be scolded if she tells Pallavi. Rhea cries as she thinks about Ranbir’s words.

Aaliya is asked to get up by her, and she says that she can’t change that, but she can prevent them from being happy. She shows their reception invite and says they’ve called important guests, but my bad eye has fallen on them. She asks what you can do to make them happy, and asks her to file a lawsuit against them. She asks if you’re coming with me.

When Prachi entered the kitchen, Priya offered to get whatever she required in her bedroom, but Prachi refused and said that her mum wanted a specific amount of tartness in the chole. On hearing this, Pallavi came over and was moved by how Prachi had remembered her likes and dislikes. She expressed that although she used to be stern towards Prachi’s mistakes previously, she saw that the latter was taking note of what she liked, showing acknowledgement of it. Pallavi assured her that she would be taken care of well while Prachi accepted her justified anger from earlier on.

Pallavi pulls Prachi close and exclaims that everyone loves her – it’s hardly surprising that her son sees her as so special. Prachi grins warmly and echoes, remembering the feeling of being embraced by her own mother. Pallavi further remarks that she is moved by how Prachi refers to her as ‘Mummy’. Priya then interjects to announce Ranbir’s request for his jacket. Pallavi orders her to bring it right away; before leaving, Priya explains how fortunate she is to have someone like Pallavi as her saas. Pallavi wishes that every family could have a bahu as kind-hearted as Prachi in their lives. With this desire for good luck all around them, the moment comes to an end.

She says the room is messy. She says he has become new. He says he has become careless. Prachi laughs and says what a talent. Ranbir asks her to keep smiling and takes her picture. Prachi finds the jacket. She says she is an expert in looking for her husband’s items. He says I am an expert in kissing you without touching you. Prachi asks him to keep his belongings safe. Ranbir says he is always thinking about you.

Prachi informs everyone that the baby will need someone to take care of them, and Ranbir reassures her by placing a loving kiss on her forehead. Priya updates Dida’s search and Shahana adds that Pallavi Auntie is also looking for her. Everyone is happy for the special affection Pallavi gives Prachi, and Vikram remarks about how she showers Prachi with love. Dida then ties a black thread around Prachi’s wrist as it’s believed to ensure an easy delivery; Pallavi reveals she was given one too in the past. A ringing of the doorbell captures everyone’s attention and Priya announces their Aunt Aaliya has arrived without an invitation card – though, she succeeded in obtaining it through forcefulness. Grinning wholeheartedly, Aaliya marches in with the card proudly in hand.

As the lawyer informs Aaliya that Rhea filed the bigamy case, Ranbir tells her that Prachi’s name will be with him.

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