Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Episode | Revelations & Dramatic Events Unfold

Barsatein 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It starts with Malini hugging Aradhana and crying. She asks why you didn’t tell me. Bhakti replied that she wasn’t ready to listen. According to Malini, Reyansh said Aradhana was delusional. He has spread his poison into Aradhana’s life. Kadambari loved another man; she never loved Reyansh. He has hatred in his life, and Kadambari loved your husband, Viren. Malini is shocked. Bhakti says that when Reyansh discovered this, he proposed to Kimaya. Malini is shocked.

Aradhana says Reyansh is marrying Kimaya for revenge. Malini says you did this to stop him. Bhakti says I have become Yashoda, but you… Malini says no, I have always missed my daughter. Bhakti says lie, you were happy in your life. Aradhana became a burden. She sacrificed a lot for your daughter. She apologizes to Aradhana. Aradhana says don’t apologize to Maa. They hug and cry.

She says we must save Kimaya because Reyansh won’t listen to anyone. Aradhana collides with Reyansh the next day. She says, “I won, Kimaya won’t marry you.” Reyansh leaves. Malini sees the mandap. Reyansh asks Kimaya to come out. She says seeing you before the baraat is bad luck, and he thinks he’ll marry you immediately. Aradhana says Kima, you don’t talk to anyone. Kima shuts the door. Reyansh says we’ll meet in the mandap. He smiles and goes.

He ends the call. Viren asks Malini what happened. Malini cries. Viren sees pictures of Kadambari. He says so you got to know, your anger is justified, but… She says that everyone has a past, I’m not upset that you kept it hidden, your past has come home. As Reyansh sits drinking, Vivek says he will take revenge on Viren because of my tears. You love me a lot, my son. He drinks. Reyansh says yes. Vivek invites Reyansh to join him.

Malini is frustrated that Kimaya isn’t listening to us, and Reyansh’s presence will only make things worse because of your actions. Komal reveals that Kimaya locked herself in the room and won’t leave until the baraat arrives. As Vivek and Reyansh reach the bridge, Vivek expresses his gratitude for making him happy. He sadly acknowledges that his wife has never loved him, but your heartfelt gestures today make him realize his duty to protect you. You are seeking revenge against Viren to understand the pain I have felt, crying for my love while you cry for me. Don’t you love me? Reyansh confirms this, and Vivek apologizes for not teaching him how to love correctly.

Aradhana considers talking to Vivek but is told by a man that he went out with Reyansh. Curious, Aradhana asks where Reyansh took him. Vivek then expresses his disappointment in Aradhana’s inability to change and her destructive behavior towards girls. He blames Kadambari for influencing Aradhana, but Reyansh defends her innocence. In despair, Vivek suggests his punishment and runs away from them. Refusing to let him harm himself, Reyansh chases after him and jumps into the lake where Vivek has jumped off a bridge. Aradhana eventually arrives at the scene and hurries toward them.

She also jumps to save Reyansh. Reyansh shouts for help. He shouts Dad… where are you? She shouts to Reyansh and goes to him. She tells him, “Come with me. I know you can’t swim in this state.” She brings him to the shore. She shouts Uncle… Vivek catches her eye and jumps into the lake to save him. She pumps Vivek’s heart and pulls him out of the water. Reyansh cries. Aradhana cries as well.


If anything happens to you, Reyansh will lose everything. Vivek dies. Reyansh burns his pyre. He comes home. Kadambari watches.

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