Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 22nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Aradhana in tears, expressing that she will never forgive anyone who reads the letter. Reyansh suggests calling Beena to confirm. Upon her request, he stops the car. Viren also pulls over and inquires about the situation. Reyansh assures everything is fine and they continue driving. Aradhana and Reyansh get into a heated argument where he challenges her to go and tell her real mother if she truly has the courage. She responds by reminding him of his strained relationship with his own mother, blaming him for destroying their family and losing her trust and love.She declares that she will never trust or love him again. He retorts that she lacks the courage to listen to herself. Threatening to jump out of the car, Aradhana demands Reyansh to stop the car which he does while suggesting she walk back home on foot. She gets out of the car and leaves in anger.

“Why am I to blame? I spotted the letter, but didn’t bother reading it. She’s being unreasonable and I can’t leave her unsupervised. As she stands on the road in tears, she accuses him of arrogance and leaving her stranded. She feels she must take action. Unfortunately, some delinquents spot her and start harassing her. She becomes anxious. Reyansh returns in search of her, but she warns him not to come closer and threatens to call the police if he doesn’t back off. She flees when the goons give chase. A bystander intervenes and asks if there’s an issue. She denies it and attempts to leave, but one of the goons grabs her hand. Without hesitation, she slaps him. The man asks again if she needs help, and she declines.”

As she secures a stone into her dupatta, fear flashes in their eyes. A powerful song blasts through the air. The hoodlums seize her. “Six men and only one woman, you should be ashamed,” the man scornfully remarks. One of the goons retorts, “She’s ours, get lost.” The man offers, “If you need help, just ask me.” She snaps back, “You’re all the same, leave me alone and I’ll call the police.” Turning to him for assistance, she kicks one of the goons while he grabs a chain. Without hesitation, the man confronts and fights against the goon. He takes down every one of them effortlessly. With triumph in his voice he declares, “A true warrior knows victory is inevitable; take a look behind you.” Sirens can be heard as the police arrive on scene. The criminals flee in terror but are soon caught by the courageous man and face arrest.

Aradhana expresses her gratitude to the man, who had clearly made her evening entertaining. She introduces herself as Aradhana and the man replies with his name, Jai. They exchange a handshake before he offers to drop her somewhere, assuring her that she need not worry as he is a decent person. Meanwhile, Reyansh attempts to call Aradhana but is unable to reach her. Eventually, she ends up going with Jai in his car and rejects Reyansh’s multiple calls. Jai then questions if he is her boyfriend and she clarifies that he is actually her boss, who believes his employees are his possessions. Having already complained to PR about him, she refuses to take his call anymore. Jai suggests she answer it for some entertainment and after giving it some thought, she picks up the call from Reyansh.

Then Reyansh asks where you are. Jai responds by saying don’t call. Aradhana laughs. Jai says he stays abroad, but his heart stays here. She says thank you, I can’t remember the last time I laughed. Jai says he won’t ask, because he doesn’t want to bring up old pain and make you cry. She thinks he cares about girls. Reyansh thinks I can’t believe it, because she laughed when that man said nonsense, and I’m not afraid of anyone.


Reyansh and Aradhana argue. Jai taunts him. Jai says you look like your mom.

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