Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 6th September 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

He feels someone is following him, so he attempts to hit that person, but it turns out to be Vivek. As he is going somewhere, Reyansh remembers Aradhana’s words. He becomes upset and angry at himself. Vivek teases Reyansh for being afraid of her. Then he asks Reyansh about Aradhana. Reyansh makes faces, so Vivek hugs him. Vivek assures Reyansh that he will speak to Aradhana on his behalf. After Beena arrives, Reyansh and Vivek agree to have coffee in his café.

During a moment of romance between Kimaya and Angad, Kimaya expresses concern about not looking her best. Aradhana interrupts and suggests interviewing them. They both agree, while Beena asks Vivek if he has met his son. Vivek confirms and addresses Reyansh as his son by his actual name, Reyansh. Reyansh feigns confusion, but then subtly reveals his plan to Vivek. He explains that Vivek is actually Reyansh Lamba and that his son’s name is Ankush, while his own name is Vikram. He also mentions that Ankush is currently occupied with arrangements for Khanna’s wedding.

Beena expresses disinterest in Kimaya’s marriage and talks about the Jindal’s who are dangerous. Reyansh gets shocked and tries to find out about the Jindal’s. Alka’s brother committed suicide because Viren sent him to jail. Beena informs Reyansh of this. As a result, Reyansh gets shocked. He then convinces Beena to be Vivek’s date for Kimaya’s wedding.

The worker informs Aradhana about Reyansh’s instructions later, but Reyansh arrives and asks the worker to follow Aradhana’s instructions. As the worker leaves, Reyansh warns Aradhana about the Jindals’ danger and their constant attempts to harm her. Aradhana refuses to hear him and accuses him of trying to steal her story. Reyansh then warns Aradhana not to interfere or she will reveal his true identity to her.

Then Vivek arrives with Beena. He addresses Vikram as his son. Reyansh signs at Vikram. Vikram also pretends to be Vivek’s son, introducing him to the Khanna family. Vivek introduces himself as Reyansh Lamba. Sunaina worries Aradhana will expose their lies, so Reyansh asks her to stop Aradhana.

Vivek is praised on stage by Aradhana, who addresses him as Reyansh Lamba. The people of Reyansh are relieved. After the speech, Reyansh thanks Aradhana. Vivek meets Aradhana and advises her not to lose herself because of what happened to her in the past. He also gives her a chain as a blessing. Aradhana thanks him for his kindness.

For Kimaya’s wedding, Aradhana plays the videos of the interview she conducted with the Khanna family. Angad, Kiki, and Koko offer their perspectives on marriage. In the end, Aradhana questions Kimaya and Angad regarding signing a prenup agreement. Alka and Naresh create a scene and decide to cancel the wedding. Kimaya cries hard. Aradhana asks Angad why he didn’t stand up for her. Viren supports Aradhana and tells the Jindals that they overreacted. Alka looks furious.


Malini questions Aradhana about her bitterness towards life. Aradhana decides to reveal the reason for her actions to Malini.

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