Barsatein 13th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Secrets Unfold and New Threats Emerge


Barsatein 13th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Nita asking the girls to get off her way. She says it’s an open warning to you all. Akash asks Nita to come. They leave. Pooja asks Bani if she’s okay. Bani hugs Jagruti. Vikram and Kadambari talk to the inspector and defend Reyansh. She says don’t worry, we will fight against her and make sure Aradhana gets justice. Jai asks him where he is since I know Reyansh was after Aradhana.

Vikram informs us that we must return home to attend Aradhana’s prayer meeting. I believe Reyansh also wished for her soul to find peace. Viren attempts to contact Kadambari, who declines the call. When questioned by the inspector, she explained that we were doing our best to assist in this case and asked for no interference in personal matters. Vikram expresses his frustration with the belief that we are not genuinely helping but merely covering up for Reyansh, the true culprit. He also suggests that Jai’s parents may be involved. However, the inspector responds with doubt, stating he does not trust our story. In the meantime, Viren tries calling Kadambari once again.

The inspector asks if anyone is troubling you. She says no thanks. He says you are a celebrity, you would have many fans, so if you want, I can talk to him and deal with your unwanted friend. She says no thanks. He says I know the culprit. Viren meets Nita. He says I got the killer’s location and came here to help Kadambari. The inspector says Kadambari is the killer, as she cannot bear her son’s suffering, so Aradhana may have been murdered by her mother.

Vikram says enough, I won’t hear this further. The inspector argues and tells Vikram to be careful, as the killer can be anyone. Vikram and Kadambari leave. Nita says don’t make assumptions. Viren asks what are you doing here, why are you calling me wrong, do you know the truth, did you come to meet someone. She says no, she was passing by. Kadambari calls him. He says I’ll tell her I’ve got a big clue here. Nita thinks it’ll be easy to catch me and the boss then.

A knife comes out of her purse. He tells her you can’t do this, and he’s my friend. She threatens him. She asks him to leave. He says okay, I’ll go. She asks him to give his phone. He says no, I won’t. She says then give your life. He scolds her.

He says no one does this with the boss. She smiles and says, boss… He asks if you’re happy to become a millionaire. She says yes, boss. He says he’s happy, too, and he wants Guru Dakshina. They shake hands. He recalls kidnapping Aradhana and saying I’m their boss so that he will ruin their lives. The two drink champagne. Aradhana says impressive, what a game. He explains his plan to make her doubt Reyansh. According to him, Reyansh is a good journalist, he found all except my name, he did a lot of research.

After Aradhana, Jai and Reyansh destroyed their lives, and he couldn’t save himself. He says love is such a thing, I was in a relationship with Malini, I never loved her, but I loved my family, but she broke my trust, so I started to hate her. She says, “I believe that Kadambari still loves you.” He says, “No, she’s going towards her husband. I met her to manipulate her, but women are unpredictable.” She says, “Let me know why all this is happening. What was the purpose?”.

You guess my motivation, he says. He gives her options. She guesses. Reyansh killed my daughter because of his mad love, then he moved on and got after Aradhana, and I wanted revenge, so I took revenge. Reyansh is suffering, she says. He says he will suffer more, he’s always loved money, I know one thing, anyone can leave you at any time, but one thing is always with you, and that’s your money. When my life was shattered,

Having been a good man, I thought that if I broke all the rules and regulations, I would make money, so I got into a drug scam, intending to trap Reyansh. When I learned you needed help, I thought you were the most suitable candidate. You did a good job killing Aradhana, she says. He replies: “Who said Aradhana is dead?” She asks what you mean. Aradhana is pointed out.


The bell rings, and Viren threatens Nita. Nita says I ruined everything, and she will come here anytime.

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