Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 18th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 18th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the episode, Malini says you were at the temple today, so I brought you here. Aradhana says I came from the bakery. Malini says I like the chocolate fudge. Aradhana says that you have many memories with that bakery. Malini says yes, memories of childhood. Komal says she is looking for someone. Malini says I am able to help her. Aradhana cries and thinks you are there, but I cannot tell you the truth that I am your daughter. Maai re…plays… Aradhana cries and sees Malini.

Reyansh comes to Mayank’s house. Mayank says I’m having dinner with my wife, we’ll meet later. Reyansh enters the house and says he told you everything, so what else do you want? Reyansh scolds Mayank and his wife. As Reyansh dips Mayank’s head in the sauce bowl, Mayank shouts and asks if he’s mad. He says you didn’t see my madness yet. Mayank scolds him. He says you don’t trust, which is why Aradhana left you. Reyansh beats him.

The inspector arrives to speak with Malini, revealing that a complaint has been filed against her daughter. Viren inquires about the nature of the complaint, prompting the inspector to explain that Kimaya was involved in a hit-and-run accident and fled the scene. Refusing to believe this, Malini turns to Kimaya for her side of the story. Meanwhile, Angad deceives the inspector while Pooja berates Reyansh and labels him a curse. In response, Reyansh defends himself by stating that he was deceived by Revati and is now aware of the truth. Tensions continue to rise as Pooja points out Reyansh’s lack of understanding when it comes to love, alleging that his actions are fueled by hatred.

He asks her to talk about Aradhana, but she responds with “I won’t tell you, get lost.” Vikrant, who is obviously annoyed by her response, reminds her that Pooja is his wife and tells her to lower her voice and leave. Reyansh quickly apologizes for the altercation and promptly exits the scene. Meanwhile, Malini spots Aradhana and reprimands her for filing a complaint against her daughter. She firmly believes in her daughter’s innocence and demands an explanation from Aradhana – “What did you see? Did you actually witness the accident? Tell me!” Overcome with emotion, Aradhana breaks down in tears. Unbeknownst to them, Reyansh looks at a photo of Aradhana while Vivek enters the picture. Disappointed in himself, Reyansh admits defeat and claims he has lost the girl he loved. In response, Vivek calls him an idiot and urges him to go find Aradhana – “You had a chance at love but you let it slip away. Don’t give up now, go get that girl!”

Malini asks inspector to see how Aradhana is keeping silent. She asks Aradhana to stay away from her and her daughters. She tells Aradhana to leave. Aradhana cries and leaves. Kimaya feels guilty. Aradhana remembers Malini’s words. She sat crying. Everyone danced. Kimaya took Malini aside. Angad worries.

Kimaya says a lady came in front and the accident happened. Malini is shocked. Kimaya says that girl wasn’t responsible, I was scared. Aradhana falls. Reyansh holds her.

The precap:

It was Malini’s surname before marriage. Viren says it was Aradhana Sehgal. Vivek asks Reyansh to find Aradhana. Reyansh finds Aradhana.

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