Shiv Shakti (Zee) 12th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti informs Mandira that she knows the truth about Shiv’s situation. She heard Mandira admit to her wrongdoings, making it clear that Shiv’s suffering was a result of Mandira’s actions. Despite calling him her own son, Mandira allowed him to suffer in jail and become ill under her watch. In response, Mandira accuses Shakti of being a bad omen for Shiv since arriving in his life, claiming that his pain has only increased since then. Shakti interrupts and confronts Mandira for inflicting pain upon Shiv, solely because he recommended her for a scholarship. In anger, Mandira claims that no one holds more power than her as the main trustee.

After hearing that, Shakti says, “This is your true face, you are full of poison.” You don’t have a heart, how could you hurt someone like Shiv? Mandira says, “I don’t blame Shiv, this was all your fault.” Shakti says you’re blinded by your ego, I feel sorry for you. Although you have money and a family, you are still poor. Shiv respects you greatly, but he doesn’t realize you are full of hatred. Mandira says I don’t have to answer you. Shaktk says you need to answer him.

A punctured tyre occurs in Shiv’s car as he is driving. Ragunath tells Manorama that you are cheap to ask for money. You threw Koyal out of your house, and now your daughter is in the media. How will you marry these girls? Your girls will never get married. He tells them not to let Shakti get too close to Shiv again. He leaves.

Shakti informs Mandira that she must address Shiv and her family. As she starts to leave, Mandira interrupts, asserting her authority by stating that she has the ability to erase Shakti from existence. She insists that no one will believe Shakti’s words. However, Shakti confidently responds by saying that Shiv will trust her over Mandira’s cunning tactics. She reminds Mandira of how Shiv chose to award her with a scholarship based on her talent rather than Mandira’s words. Now, Shakti plans to reveal the truth to him. The realization of being exposed causes Mandira to panic while Shakti firmly stands by her decision to expose her.

Mandira interrupts her, urging her to remain calm and focus on her career since she already has a scholarship. She offers her assistance if needed. Shakti rebuffs with no desire for help. Mandira probes further, questioning why there is so much concern for Shiv and mentioning a rumor about them. Shakti accuses Mandira of being behind the newspaper publication that attempted to turn the world against Shiv after he went against her wishes. Mandira denies this accusation, but Shakti notices her trembling and tells her to stay out of their family issues. Shakti declares that she will always protect Shiv.

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