Barsatein 27th December 2023 Written Episode: Reyansh’s Romantic Fantasy Shattered, Jai’s Concerns Deepen


Barsatein 27th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aradhana tries to book a cab in the rain as Reyansh mocks Aradhana. Aradhana tells Reyansh that the latter does not understand her. Reyansh tells Aradhana that he still has hope. Aradhana says she no longer has hope. As Reyansh removes the umbrella from Aradhana and him, Aradhana pleads with him not to let her get drenched. Both Reyansh and Aradhana come closer.

Reyansh tells Aradhana that the rainy weather belongs to them. Aradhana leaves, but Reyansh stops her. He then twirls her around. Aradhana dances around Reyansh during a romantic song. Reyansh brings Aradhana closer to him. After Aradhana asks him why he is about to kiss her, he realizes it’s all a dream. He mocks her for not being romantic in real life but only in dreams. He gets a call letting Aradhana know his car is working. Aradhana is relieved.

Akash decides not to have the samosa here after Neeta warns him. Bhakti also agrees. Varun arrives and inquires about Aradhana’s whereabouts, reminding the family that it’s after 10 pm. Aradhana is in the rain but will reach the house soon, according to Jai. Neeta taunts Aradhana and says Reyansh is her boss so that he will trouble her. Akash defends Aradhana’s situation to Neeta. Jai becomes upset and worried, so he goes inside.

Aradhana urges Reyansh to drive faster, but he refuses, much to her annoyance. As they speed up on the road, Aradhana becomes scared and attempts to convince Reyansh to slow down, but he remains firm in his decision. Meanwhile, Jai remembers everything that happened and decides to have a drink. However, when Neeta enters his room unexpectedly, he hastily hides it from her. Despite his efforts, Neeta notices the alcohol and expresses her worry for Jai’s well-being. Feeling worthless, Jai compares himself to Reyansh and blames himself for their failing business. This leads to Neeta placing all the blame on Aradhana for their situation. However, Jai pleads with Neeta not to hold Aradhana responsible as he was the one who pursued her and ultimately caused their troubles.

At that moment, Aradhana finds relief as their car comes to a halt at a traffic light. Her companion Reyansh playfully teases her, causing her irritation and resulting in a scolding. While Jai suggests Neeta return to London, she firmly declines and instead enlists the help of Baani, which takes Jai by surprise. Meanwhile, a vendor selling roses at the traffic light encounters Aradhana and Reyansh. Clearing any misconceptions, Aradhana specifies that Reyansh is not her husband. Moved by his mother’s medical condition, she offers money and receives a rose from the vendor for herself and Reyansh before he departs.

Jai calls Aradhana to ask when she will return home. Aradhana informs him about an important meeting that needs to be attended. Jai becomes furious when he learns that Reyansh is still with Aradhana. He visits Aradhana’s office. Aradhana and Reyansh arrive. After the meeting, Aradhana promises to return to Jai soon.

Jai smirks at Reyansh. Later, Reyansh irritates Aradhana by raising questions about Jai’s trust in her. Reyansh then prevents Aradhana from falling, which Jai sees and becomes furious. He questions Aradhana. Reyansh warns Jai not to speak to Aradhana in such a tone, but Aradhana tells Reyansh to stay away from them. Jai mocks Reyansh for his trustworthiness.


A colleague informs Aradhana of a critical article. She rushes there. Meanwhile, Jai waits for Aradhana. Aradhana opens a car and sees something shocking.

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