Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 31st July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Mayank teasing Reyansh about his relationship. He mentions that Reyansh’s boss is also his father and jokes about their affair. Mayank then refers to himself as a “smart, intelligent, and a little crazy” like Reyansh. Reyansh denies any wrongdoing and assures that he has changed. However, the girl notices a camera on her phone and accuses him of recording their private moments. She demands the pictures taken by the camera and threatens to involve the police if they are not handed over. In a fit of anger, she throws the phone, breaking it in the process, before slapping him and repeating her demand for the photos.

Her eyes catch the photos. She checks them. She says I hope you don’t have copies, that you won’t come close to Revati, I won’t let you ruin her life, get lost. She leaves. He says I won’t ruin Revati’s life. Aradhana receives Reyansh’s call. He asks where you are. She lies again. She asks if we will meet tomorrow. He says I am trapped in a storm, this time it’s raining, and that it will take everything. He drinks. Vikram calls Reyansh.

Reyansh doesn’t answer right. Mayank gives him room keys. Reyansh asks why did you come to meet Aradhana. Mayank lies to him. Reyansh says stay away from her. Mayank says so you are Reyansh Lamba, you are her boss, I’m proud of her. Reyansh asks are you blackmailing her, she can’t lie to me. Mayank asks why, she’s a girl, she’s prone to lying. Reyansh asks why she came here. Mayank misleads him.

Reyansh punches him. Mayank points out Reyansh’s pain, assuming he is aware of it. He suggests that the woman they both have feelings for may be using her position as their boss to manipulate them. Reyansh defends her and denies this accusation. Mayank claims she prefers “toxic broken guys” like themselves and Reyansh reacts by hitting him. Mayank warns Reyansh against loving her, citing past mistreatment. Aradhana apologizes for deceiving her parents and Reyansh, revealing that she couldn’t share the truth without consulting with Revati. Reyansh calls her and she explains that she values their love, acknowledging Mayank’s warning but declaring that she has chosen to be with Reyansh because he is right for her. She expresses gratitude for having everything she wants and confesses to lying earlier, assuring that once she tells him everything, he will understand.

Upon arriving at the office, Reyansh reprimands a man who has made negative comments about Aradhana. The man questions if anyone from their household or family has visited him. After seeing pictures of the incident, Revati confirms that the man had willingly given them to Reyansh. Aradhana asserts her familiarity with him and Revati expresses her gratitude for saving her life, highlighting Aradhana’s bravery and ability to handle difficult situations. However, the man attempts to manipulate Reyansh against Aradhana. In response, she credits her father for protecting her from Mayank’s harm. Revati acknowledges her luck in having such a supportive father and encourages Aradhana to begin a new chapter in her life. As for the troublesome individual, Reyansh instructs the guard to escort him out of the premises.

Aradhana calls Reyansh. He says go home, wait for me, I’m coming. He gets angry. He says your parents will be proud of you, I’m coming, you’ll know that. He plays a videogame. Sunaina calls him for a meeting. He says I don’t have time. She says a big storm is coming. He says it’s already happened.

As Aradhana arrives home, she excitedly announces that Reyansh will be joining them. She also mentions that she has prepared some snacks for his visit. Harsh kindly reminds her to maintain a formal setting during the meeting. Aradhana assures him that Reyansh is a nice guy and requests him not to ruin the mood. She explains that he is coming specifically to talk to them. Harsh expresses hesitance, noting that they come from a different social class. However, Aradhana embraces him and reassures him of his importance in her life and promises to only marry when he approves of it. Bhakti then interrupts their conversation inviting them for prayer. Meanwhile, Reyansh gets into a minor accident and calls out for Aradhana to come down and check on him. She responds with a simple “come here” in return.


Harsh allows Reyansh to take Aradhana to work. Reyansh breaks up with Aradhana.

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