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Meet 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet and Raunak find themselves behind bars. Sumeet urges Raunak to confess the truth about their wedding night. Raunak owns up to using drugs, but was apprehended by the police before he could divulge any information about Shlok. Just then, Shagun shows up and intervenes, preventing Raunak from saying anything more. She makes a threat and promises to get Raunak out of jail after midday. Shagun then turns to Sumeet and reveals her plan to ruin everything in 12 hours. She wants Sumeet to go home with her as her husband, while also plotting to make it a challenging first night for the newlyweds as revenge against Sumeet’s mother.

Pankhuri and Poonam consider the idea of Shlok and Bitti getting married in order for Shlok to move on from Sumeet. Despite this, Shlok receives a call from Sumeet and they arrange to meet at the Shiv temple the following day. With a plan in mind to uncover the truth, Shlok shares little information with Sumeet, opting instead for her to wait and see. He then suggests remarrying Sumeet as a way to prove their marriage and prevent his upcoming wedding with Bitti, which he believes goes against God’s will. However, Sumeet declines, wanting to first win over Shlok’s family before considering such a drastic step. She requests three days to gather evidence that could support their relationship.

Raj and Priyal together, Priyal has a panic attack, Raj calls Sumeet and says we had to take Priyal to the hospital. Sumeet says okay but we need to take her out secretly because she is dead for everyone and will help us force Raunak to reveal the truth. Sumeet decides to take her to Dr. Mehta to S.S Hospital. Raj says okay, but be careful. Bitti sees this and informs Shagun.

When Sumeet and Priyal arrive at the hospital, Sumeet tells Priyal not to worry, since no one will be able to recognize her. With the help of a fan, Shagun tries to see Priyal’s face, but fails, so Sumeet saves her. A wardboy is bribed by Shagun to do something. He asks Sumeet and Priyal to wait in the room. Later, Shagun locks Sumeet and Priyal in a room and releases poisonous gas to make Priyal unable to breathe.

In the meantime, Bitti and Shlok are having their pre-wedding ceremony. Since she has given all the information about Sumeet to Shagun, Bitti is considering getting married to Shlok. Poonam blesses them. As Shlok imagines Sumeet in Bitti’s place, reality hits him, and he stays.

In the locked room, Sumeet frantically tries to escape and calls for assistance. Shagun phones Raj and relays Sumeet’s cries for help, reminding him that his sister is in danger from toxic fumes. She challenges him to explain his accusations against her child. Raj denies the possibility, stating that his sister is in the hospital. However, Shagun reveals she is also there and demands the truth from Raj. Meanwhile, Sumeet and Priyal continue their efforts to break free. Raj insists that he is unaware of any plan Shagun may be referring to but she abruptly terminates the call.

As Sumeet tries to break the door with a fire extinguisher, she falls and hits her head on it, fainting.

Everyone is shocked when Shlok drops the haldi and walks out.

After waking up and saving herself from shock, Sumeet writes help on a piece of paper with her blood. Shlok recalls Raj telling him about Sumeet’s situation, and he rushes to the hospital, leaving the haldi ceremony behind. Sumeet is lying unconscious inside the room as Shlok bangs the door and calls out to her. He finds a note asking for help, and he rushes to the hospital.


As Shagun is disguised as an old lady, she drops everything from her shop and acts helpless. Sumeet starts helping her, but she takes Priyal with her. As Shagun calls Raunak, she informs him that Priyal is alive, and she will bring her as evidence before the judge. The judge asks Shagun to show the evidence. The police remove the veil, and they find Sumeet. Shagun is shocked.


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