Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi drives her car fast to get home, as the driver is going too slowly. The boy’s family is insulted by Savi’s delay and tries to leave in anger. Bhavani intervenes and asks them to wait a while longer. The boy’s father comments that as the head of the family, Bhavani has no idea where her granddaughter is. He goes on to say that it is true what people say, that a parentless child can never be reformed. The family had come here at Shantabai’s request and now they feel humiliated. Frustrated, they walk away from Bhavani who continues to plead with them. In the next moment, Shantabai also lashes out at Bhavani before walking away, threatening that she will make sure Savi never gets any alliance at all.

Bhavani beats Savi angrily for taking her to Pune and humiliating her. She blames Isha for spoiling her and says that Isha herself is alone in life and wants her to be alone as well. Savi asks her to scold her but not Isha and says Isha encouraged her to study and got a trophy and scholarship to study at Bhosale Institute because of Isha. Bhavani asks her to show the trophy. She gives it to Bhavani and breaks it.

Upon witnessing the shattered pieces, Savi picks them up while Bhavani declares that she will no longer attend college as a form of punishment. Harini attempts to offer assistance, but Bhavani instructs her to focus on her own life first. She asks if Harini has resolved her issues with her husband Kiran. Tearfully, Harini reveals that Kiran continues to physically and verbally abuse her, making it impossible for her to return to him. Bhavani questions if Harini intends on always being a burden on her. Overwhelmed, Harini cries even harder as Bhavani forcefully takes Savi to her room and forbids her from leaving until after the wedding.

Surekha instructs Asmita to make Ishan’s favorite dinner for tonight since he will be arriving home by then. Shantanu shares his accounts book with Rao Saheb and seeks his advice on a business matter. In turn, Rao Saheb suggests that they also consider Ishan’s viewpoint as it holds significance. He then inquires about the college’s debate competition taking place today. Nishikanth proudly displays photos of a Ramtek college student winning the competition and mentions that Isha is a professor there. This causes Shantanu to become visibly upset. Surekha asks if Isha can be spotted in the pictures.

Nishkanth refuses, and they only witness Ishan presenting the trophy to the winner. He enters with a forehead injury, causing Rao Saheb and Surekha to panic and tend to him. They inquire about how he sustained the injury, to which Ishan responds that it was a minor accident. Rao Saheb suggests he take a driver with him in the future, but Ishan declines his excessive concern. They give him turmeric milk for healing. Nishikanth remarks on their evident care for Ishan and wonders if he met Isha in Nagpur. Meanwhile, Isha tearfully remembers Ishan while glancing at his childhood diary and leaves a note for him. Surekha asks if Ishan saw Isha during his trip, to which he confirms he did.

Savi shows her trophy to her parent’s photo and says she got a first prize in an intercollege debate competition and a Bhosale institute scholarship. It would have been their pride and patting on her back that they would have been proud of her, but she is alone today without them. She wonders if someone will be there for her who will feel the same way they did.


Bhavani introduces Savi to boy’s family. Boy’s mother asks her to walk, smile, and sing. Savi then dances on Chikni Chameli song. Everyone is shocked.

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