Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th July 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shantanu receives a call from Isha, who informs him that Savi Chavan was unable to meet him. According to Isha, Savi arrived late. In response, Shantanu requests Isha to inform Savi that he would like her to meet him at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. He has already mentioned Savi’s situation to Rao Saheb and will do his utmost to secure her admission. Worriedly, Isha enquires if Rao Saheb will heed his words, to which Shantanu assures her that he will do his best. She then asks if there is any possibility for Savi to stay somewhere tonight. Without delay, Shantanu connects her with the peon Shuklaji and instructs him to arrange for food and accommodation for Savi in the director’s cabin. After expressing her gratitude, Isha hangs up as Shantanu attempts to continue the conversation.

Shuklaji goes out in search of Savi and asks the watchman if a girl named Savi had come to meet Shantanu. When Savi hears him, she says she is Savi, seeking admission from Shantanu. Shuklaji asks her to present her ID card. The watchmen are informed that Shuklaji is right that she is Savi Chauhan. Savi claims her name is Chavan, but Shuklaji says Chauhan. Savi is taken to the director’s cabin and asked what she wanted.

In response to Shuklaji’s question, Savi says she doesn’t need anything and thanks him. He asks Savi until she meets Shantanu tomorrow. She says until she meets him. In his cabin, Ishan, he will create an issue if he finds her there, so he asks her to wake up early.

Savi rings Harini, who is delighted to hear from her. Harini inquires after Savi’s well-being and whereabouts. Savi replies that she is doing well in Pune and asks about Ninad and Ashwini. Harini confirms they are with her and their safety is assured. Savi expresses relief at hearing this news. She then enquires about Bhavani, but before Harini can respond, Bhavani abruptly takes the phone and berates Savi for running away from her marriage, bringing shame upon their family. She severs all ties with Savi and warns her not to try and contact them again as they consider her dead to them. Bhavani then physically attacks Harini with a stick, blaming her for helping Savi elope, echoing Vinu’s sentiment that she has ruined her own life and is now a burden upon them.

Ashwini warns Bhavani not to lay a single finger on Harini. She reminds her that she, along with Ninad, aided Savi in her elopement. This was because they couldn’t bear the thought of Savi marrying someone who is an alcoholic, drug addict and womanizer. Bhavani inquires why they didn’t inform her beforehand. Ashwini explains that they were aware she wouldn’t believe the evidence presented by Isha and would force Savi into marriage. Therefore, they had to resort to this drastic step. Harini reassures them that Savi has embarked on a journey of freedom and there is no need to worry about her anymore. She adds that she is willing to face humiliation and torture from strangers rather than from those she holds dear. Furthermore, she mentions that she will return to her husband’s house tomorrow.

Bhavani’s bitter words make Savi feel sad. Ishan reaches office early the next morning. Shuklaji tries to stop him with different excuses. Ishan becomes suspicious. Savi wakes up and becomes anxious seeing the time. Ishan hears someone in his cabin.


After apologizing to Ishan for staying in her cabin, Savi says she wants to meet Shantanu about her admissions. After learning that she came on Isha’s recommendation, Ishan gets angry and throws her bag at her, challenging her to get admission if she can. Savi challenges him back in return.


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