Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhimanyu waking up. Akshara sympathizes, recalling her own recent pain. She apologizes for unintentionally causing Abhir to be separated from his father. Abhimanyu laments not being able to provide a happy family, despite loving and aspiring to be the best husband and father. He acknowledges hurting those he cares about and notes that while his son loves him, he chooses to stay with his parents in Kasauli.

She believes that in this day and age, children cannot be separated from their mothers. He has always resided in Kasauli. He assures her that he is content, and her wish has been granted. However, she insists that he must continue to fight; she knows his strength and determination from past experiences. She reminds him that he can overcome any pain with his courage. He disagrees, stating that Abhir is her son, and she has every right to him. But it is difficult for him to see his son every day and talk to him; nevertheless, he reassures her that Abhir is waiting for her and they are a happy family now. He will eventually recover, but until then, she should go back home to her perfect life with Abhinav. His final words before leaving are an apology and a promise to pray for her always. As she watches him go, she sends her prayers for his well-being.

Abhir says I’ll sleep between you two. Abhinav asks why, you said you wanted your own room. Akshara replies, I do as well. They tease him. Abhir holds their hands and lies down. He says he doesn’t want to become a big boy. They kiss him. They promise that they will never send him away or go away, never act as if they don’t love him. They promise him and hug him.

Abhimanyu reflects on Abhir, prompting Ruhi to embrace him and acknowledge his difficult day. She encourages him to remain strong and reminds him of their shared grief for Abhir. They plan to sleep in his room and reach out to him in the morning. She urges him not to be saddened, then departs. In solitude, Abhimanyu envisions Abhir and engages in conversation with him. Manjiri calls for Abhimanyu’s attention, and he declares his intent to fulfill Abhir’s desire, as though he had returned home. Overcome with emotion, she weeps. Meanwhile, Akshara awakens and sees her sons Abhinav and Abhir asleep together, stirring memories of their past moments together.

Abhir stops her and tells her not to go anywhere. Abhinav jokes. She asks who will make breakfast. Abhinav says the weather is good, so we should rest more. She jokes and hugs Abhir. Abhimanyu gets the uniform and asks Abhir to come. He gets sad. Manjiri refuses to eat, saying Aarohi won’t fall ill without it. Abhimanyu says Abhir didn’t get enough sleep without this quilt and he forgot it too. He packs the bag. The kids ask Manjiri for food.

Abhimanyu says he forgot the books as well, so I’ll get them for him. Anand asks Manjiri to eat food. Manjiri tears. She sees Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says I’ll go and give Abhir the stuff, Shivansh can take Abhir’s room now, Abhir won’t return now. Everyone pampers Abhir. Dadi says I’ll make halwa for him. Everyone is happy.

Abhir says Abhimanyu’s family used to have healthy food, he would get bread jam just for me. Akshara remembers Abhimanyu. Abhir eats the kachori. Abhimanyu comes home. He sees Abhir happy. He keeps the bags. He takes Abhir’s picture. He turns to go. Akshara sees him and goes after him. She calls him out and he leaves.

Abhinav asks if you stopped him. She says he heard my voice and left. They are saddened and think of Abhimanyu. He says he cannot express his pain to anyone. Akshara says he sacrificed his happiness for Abhir’s wish, and he is a better person than I am. When the same wound gets fresh, it hurts and it seems like time has not passed. He says we’re doing this for Abhir, don’t worry, he’ll recover.


Abhinav falls. Abhimanyu is shocked. Abhir asks where dad went. Akshara scolds Abhimanyu. He says Manish saw you pushing Abhinav. What will you tell Abhir about his father?


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