Pandya Store 25th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

It starts with Natasha opening the Pandya store. She performs a drama. A few guys are on their way. One of them says I have to go home before everyone knows, we just came from a party. Dhawal interrupts the guys and stops them. He says he loves his job. He says filmi lines. Suman prepares food for her grandchildren. She calls out Mittu. He tells her to call him Rishank.

She scolds me for getting my dupatta dirty and threatens to beat me. He suggests that she take out her anger on Shesh, who is still sleeping. Natasha tidies up the pictures of their family. As Dhawal drives by on his bike, he accidentally knocks over a trunk box. This angers Natasha and Dhawal quickly leaves the scene. She then gets into a heated argument with a municipality worker. He blames a biker for his mistake and points towards Dhawal, who is trying to escape. Meanwhile, Suman wakes Shesh up and instructs him to start working. Shesh, however, brags about his cleverness and shows off a vacuum cleaner. He explains that he plans to sell it and become wealthy, but is unable to turn the machine on himself.

Your new scheme, you got one, Natasha asks. Shesh argues with her. Natasha says she’ll go to college. Suman says you’d have beaten the store walls. Natasha says I’d have taken you to the city. Suman says your mother also wanted to go to the city. Suman says Natasha wants a corporate job. Suman tells Natasha that Dhara and Gautam gave you this. Natasha remembers Gautam’s words.

Suman sheds tears as Natasha announces her departure for college. Upon leaving, Natasha stumbles and is met with laughter from Shesh and Mittu, drawing scolding from Suman. As she bids farewell to Suman with a kiss, Amrish presents his development plan for the market, which receives praise from the men. Natasha cuts in, stating that she will discuss it later as she has to leave for college. One of the men suggests getting consent from Pandya store’s owner, noting that Natasha is the owner herself. Amrish doesn’t spot her and hopes she will agree to his proposal. He inquires about her education and learns she attends KM College.

A woman calls Dhawal inquiring about the ring. He apologizes, acknowledging her as “Bhabhi”. Fretting over how to obtain the ring, he receives another call from a different Bhabhi. Assuring her not to be upset, he promises to retrieve the ring and will update her later. Soon after, his mother calls and he breaks into a song. She asks for Chirag’s engagement ring and he confirms having it with him. He spots a lady wearing a lovely ring and enquires if she is ready for the fest. She responds negatively, stating that Natasha won’t be able to make it. Dhawal insists on her attending and expresses admiration for her diamond ring while kissing it. Realizing Natasha is on the phone, he makes plans to take her along to the fest.

He collides with her and argues with her. She says you have collided with me intentionally. He says beauty with brain, what a killer combination, have some pity on us. I will come with you to the college fest, he says. Urmi also asked me, Harish Kaka might not have given her permission, you know Urmi, you are roaming with her, I know Dhawal has a new girl in line, so I won’t come. He said I was impressed, it was fun. Shivani and Hetal argued.

As they spot Maa’s car approaching, the two women hurry to greet her. With a smile on her face, Maa gazes at both her bahus and believes that they should show respect to their saas by bowing down. She then turns her focus to Shivani and instructs her on how to properly pay homage. Meanwhile, Natasha becomes infuriated upon discovering that her bill has been ruined. Dhawal rushes over to join them and embraces Maa before announcing the arrival of three individuals who have come for the ring. Without hesitation, Natasha seizes the ring and sprints away. Maa immediately shouts for someone to catch the thief while Dhawal attempts to reason with Natasha and asks for the ring back. However, she refuses and explains that her bill was ruined because of him. Upon receiving a call from Amrish, Dhawal confirms his acquaintance with Natasha Pandya.

The precap:

Natasha and Suman receive Amrish’s mall offer. Amrish says construction cannot begin until Natasha gives her consent. Suman refuses to sell the Pandya store.


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