Kumkum Bhagya 8th November Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Manpreet asks Poorvi to provide oil for the diya. Poorvi delivers oil and says there will never be a shortage. Prachi tells Ashok the dupatta looks good on Poorvi. Ashok confirms. Kaka asks Poorvi to give something. Manpreet says you’ve been hired to cook, so Poorvi is not expected to go. They do the puja. They hear someone calling Poorvi. Manpreet asks her to leave.

In order to choose the right bangles for her daughter, Vishaka asks Divya. Prachi and Ashok arrive. Vishaka asks Ashok if he brought Ganapati and Lakshmi’s impressions on something. Prachi says they brought a large vessel. Poorvi mentions that Manpreet said that silver or copper utensils are auspicious for Dhanteras. The catering for kumkum bhagya runs because of it.

Poorvi asks them to see that Maa got Lakshmi and Ganapati ji’s pictures made on the vessel. Vishaka advises them to bring silver coins with pictures on both sides. Kaka keeps calling Poorvi. Poorvi goes. Vishaka says Divya’s daughter isn’t as wise as Poorvi. Prachi praises her. The girl praises Prachi. Prachi leaves. He says Prachi has taken care of us since Ashok and Mihika left.

We came for her, Vishaka says. Ashok and Manpreet get emotional and tell Prachi is their daughter when she says that we are running the catering at Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. When Khushi and her sasural will come, Prachi asks Kaka to add kesar to the sweets. Poorvi wits for her. Khushi has many responsibilities, as well as taking care of her sasural and mayka.

During her attempt to dry the cloth, Poorvi splashes water on Khushi mistakenly. She runs behind Poorvi and the aarti plate falls. Manpreet says the aarti plate fell. Khushi says it fell on the wrong side. Poorvi apologizes. Manpreet says this is what sets Khushi apart from Poorvi.

Prachi apologizes to her on Khushi’s behalf, but Khushi reassures her that there is no need for an apology. She explains that the plate was placed on the wrong side and reveals she came because Poorvi had called her. Manpreet interrupts and insists that Khushi did not do them a favor by coming, reminding her that this is also her home. She adds that they have a big order of 500 people for Dhanteras that needs to be completed. Poorvi points out that they only got the order because of Khushi’s efforts. Suddenly, Vishaka arrives and embraces Khushi. She informs them that Khushi is not from the same background as them and could have easily taken advantage of their business, but she knows better than to exploit her family’s business for personal gain. Vishaka then expresses disappointment in their decision to not give the contract to someone else.

Manpreet tells her that she should have given the contract to someone else, but the food and sweets would not taste good. Khushi gets upset and goes from there. She says your mother adds dry fruits and kesar to the food and sweets, so that your mother in law won’t taunt you. Because she believes her mother is wrong, both Ranbir and Akshay died and Mihika Bua is in mental asylum, she tells Vishaka that she is right.

She takes Khushi out and says our mother is not responsible. Poorvi cheers her up. Divya says only Poorvi can cheer her up. Vishaka tells Divya that she loves Khushi and sees Akshay and Mihika in her. A food stall order has been cancelled at the pandal. Khushi calls her inlaws and learns that the Pandal arrangements have been transferred to RV group, and the contract has been transferred.

Manpreet says we have already made food for 500 people. Prachi says we will sell it somehow. Poorvi says they will go to RV Corp and ask them to allow them to keep the food stall in the pandal. Prachi asks Vishaka to accompany Poorvi. Poorvi receives food samples from Pihu.

RV is busy in a meeting with his employees, and the employee tells him about the KK company that is leading. Rajvansh wants their company to lead everywhere. He is told that some ladies want to meet him and are performing drama at the reception desk. In hearing about Kumkum Bhagya catering service, Rajvansh says nice name. Vishaka argues with the receptionist to let them see RV because they have lost business. Poorvi asks the Manager to understand and apologizes to her. Rajvansh arrives.


While Rajvansh looks at Poorvi as her dupatta falls on his face, she prays to God for Rajvansh.


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