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Suhaagan 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

When the canteen owner asks Bindiya if she’s a new student, she replies that she’s just here to inquire about her sister Payal Misra’s friends. The guy tells her that Payal used to come with a guy. The guy gives her Krish’s number after Bindiya asks for the guy’s number. She leaves after thanking him. Payal’s friend arrives and believes that her sister has left.

While in the auto, Bindiya calls Krish on her phone, but it doesn’t connect. She asks the auto driver’s phone and calls him from his phone. Krish picks up the call. Bindiya says hello…she’s Payal’s sister and wants to meet him at Kuku café. Krish watches as another man calls Bindiya. He says he is Rudra and says you have called me. It shows that she had called Rudra. He says, let’s sit down and talk.

It is obvious to Krish that credit card guys cause a lot of trouble. Baldev tells Ishwar that they will first go to Tulsipur and then to the factory, and that both works are important. Ishwar says both cities are in different directions and says you will get tired. Baldev replies that I don’t have time to get tired. After recalling Bindiya’s words, Krish asks Baldev if he can work with him. Baldev, Indu, and others are surprised.

Baldev asks if I am dreaming. Krish says no, I was thinking that I would come with you, so that is why I said. Baldev says my ears are aching for this. Krish says Bindiya…and then says just like that. He says I know this is Bindiya’s magic. Krish says I’ll be ready. He gets emotional and hugs him. According to him, Bindiya has brought about the change that Indu was unable to bring about in her son.

Indu accuses me of neglecting your sons, while Bindiya has single-handedly raised Krish. Baldev quickly interrupts her, urging her not to start an argument again and to fetch some sugar and curd instead. Sakshi then turns to Vikram and requests him to accompany Baldev. Vikram reminds her that she had asked him to go see a movie with her, but Sakshi insists he go for work this time. Vikram inquires if he can join them, to which Baldev gladly agrees, remarking on the influence Bindiya has on everyone. Meanwhile, Sakshi ponders what she can do about the situation. Just then, Krish arrives and Indu immediately offers him some curd and sugar. Baldev tries to call Bindiya but realizes there is no network. They all leave together, leaving Indu alone with Sakshi who takes the opportunity to stir up trouble by suggesting that Krish is following Bindiya’s lead.

Bindiya informs Rudra about Payal, to which he responds by asking if there is something she would like to have. Bindiya declines, prompting Rudra to head off and order food for himself. In the meantime, Payal appears in a burqa and accidentally collides with him. She lifts her veil and reprimands him for his choice of attire. She reveals that the canteen owner had alerted her about Bindiya’s presence through a photo. Payal then reminds him that he is now married and nothing can be done between them. In response, Rudra requests her to compensate for the snacks he had ordered earlier. As Rudra returns to Bindiya, she asks him if he is married, to which he initially denies but then realizes his mistake. This causes Payal to shoot an angry glare at him.

As Baldev tells Krish and Vikram about their three main contractors, Krish looks them over. Krish feels sleepy. Baldev asks what happened? Krish says he is tired hearing about cement, bricks, etc., and that his ability to learn is limited, which is why he took so long to complete his degree. Baldev encourages him to see and learn.

“Why is your marriage fixed, Rudra?” Bindiya questions. “I am not married yet,” Rudra clarifies. “But my family has arranged a marriage for me.” Bindiya continues, “Do you still love Payal?” Rudra’s expression turns anxious. Bindiya probes further, “Are you the same person Payal loves or have I mistaken you for someone else?” Rudra confesses, “I do love Payal. But my family has already chosen someone else for me.” Bindiya pleads with him to consider the consequences of his decision, reminding him that it will impact three lives. She urges him to think about the girl he will marry and asks if she deserves to be punished for a mistake she did not make.

He signs him. Rudra says I cannot go against my family because I am helpless. He says my family has made all the arrangements. Bindiya says if you are reluctant to talk, I will speak to your family. Payal signs Rudra. Rudra says he’ll go to the restroom and come back. Payal follows him behind. Krish says he wants to drink coffee so that he can become active. Vikram smiles. Ishwar stops his car outside the café and Krish asks them to sit. Krish promises to bring the coffee.


She thinks that if Krish sees Bindiya, she will be exposed. But then the glass breaks, and Krish sees Bindiya for the first time.


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