Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th September 2023 Written Update


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As Sahiba spots Karthik/Rumi’s bleeding hand, she comments that he is injured as well. He quickly clarifies that it is her blood and not his. Spotting Angad on the lookout for Sahiba, Rumi pulls the curtains closed. Wondering what he is up to, Sahiba asks him. Rumi explains that he doesn’t want any media attention causing trouble for her again. He reassures her that she will no longer have to deal with any unwanted attention. Despite limping, Sahiba makes her way out and assumes the media must have dispersed by now. However, Veer notices her and asks why she is here when Angad is searching for her.

Sahiba inquires about Angad’s well-being while Veer notices Karthik’s presence and asks why he is here. Sahiba explains that Karthik rescued her from the media and brought her to this place. Angad then calls Veer, who passes the phone to Sahiba. They both check on each other simultaneously, making sure they are doing okay. After the call ends, Angad requests Veer to take Sahiba back to her hostel. Karthik offers to drop Sahiba off if she feels uncomfortable riding with Veer, but she declines, grateful for his help already. Karthik can’t help but think about how close he was able to get to her today and anticipates getting even closer in the future.

Japjot expresses to Akaal and Inder that they should not have allowed Sahiba to leave and instead, bring her back home. Agreeing with Japjot’s statement, Akaal mentions that he also believes keeping Sahiba in a hostel was not the best decision. On the other hand, Inder reassures them that Sahiba is doing well and Veer dropped her off at the hostel. Just as they are discussing Sahiba, Manveer enters and questions if their conversation revolves around the same Sahiba who put Angad’s life in danger today. Inder clarifies that everyone saw how Sahiba saved Angad from the accident except for herself. Manveer interrupts, stating that she witnessed everything and firmly believes that until Sahiba remains a part of Angad’s life, he will never truly be content. Understanding the severity of the situation, Akaal suggests resolving their strained relationships with love.

Japjot says Angad is waiting for Sahiba to return home. Manveer gets adamant and decides to separate Angad from Sahiba and do his second marriage. Japjot asks if she knows what she is telling him. In her opinion, Angad cannot be happy until Sahiba is in his life, and she is willing to break the family rule to do so.

He tells Angad that Veer attempted to find out if Sahiba had any problems, but she refused. Sahiba won’t tell him anything, Angad says. Akaal and Japjot walk in and ask if he spoke to Sahiba. Angad says Sahiba blocked his number and wouldn’t talk to him even if he called her from an unknown number.

Sanjeev informs him that the stalker wasn’t from the music troupe when he calls him. She says perhaps he is the one who sent flowers to Sahiba. Japjot asks what he means. Angad reveals that someone sent a bouquet of flowers to Sahiba a few days ago, and he believes he has been stalking Sahiba for a long time. Sahiba should not stay at the hostel, Japjot says. While Angad claims he tried to convince her, she refuses to listen to him.

Japjot and Akaal visit Sahiba’s college and ask her to get in their car. Japjot asks her if she doesn’t remember them. Sahiba says she does. Japjot asks why she didn’t visit them. Sahiba says the situation got so bad she couldn’t. They take her to a restaurant and ask her to walk in. When she walks in, she sees Angad. She tells Angad that she wouldn’t come here if it was his plan.

Angad and Sahiba are both taken aback by Akaal and Japjot’s sudden appearance, causing Angad to admit his own surprise. Sahiba then expresses her inability to tolerate Angad’s presence, which he agrees with. She suggests that they all wait quietly until Akaal and Japjot arrive. When the two finally enter, they urge Sahiba to resolve their conflicts quickly, as someone is trying to exploit their differences and potentially tear them apart. Japjot emphasizes the importance of Sahiba’s safety and urges her to leave the hostel and return home, despite any issues she may have with Angad. Together, they try to persuade Sahiba to make the journey back home.


When Manveer informs her family that she will get Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat, the family is shocked, while Seerat is delighted. Sahiba is brought home by Angad who tells them she has to stay here because her life is in danger. Manveer yells, “This shameless girl can’t stay here.” Angad warns her not to talk bad about Sahiba.


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