Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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Sahiba feels a sense of joy as she looks at the admission form with Angad’s signature. Angad asks if he can assist her in any way. Sahiba expresses gratitude for his support and questions why he went against his entire family and broke their rules. Angad clarifies that he didn’t break any rules and emphasizes the importance of having an educated daughter-in-law in the Brar family. Sahiba ponders whether his support was for her education or for the family’s honour. Angad assures her that he will always be by her side during difficult times. Sahiba admits that she may never fully understand him and thanks him once again for his help before leaving.

Seerat enters Angad’s room and states her intention to speak with Sahiba later. She acknowledges that Sahiba is fortunate to have Angad as her husband, although Sahiba doesn’t seem to realize it. Seerat believes that if it were another woman, she would appreciate having a husband who stands by her at any cost. She expresses her own desire for a husband like Angad.

Japjyoth, looking at Angad’s childhood photos, discusses with Manveer her hope for Sahiba’s pregnancy, but realizes it may not happen anytime soon. Prabjyoth comments that Sahiba would never want to have a child. Manveer reflects on the happiest moments of Sahiba’s life and expresses disappointment that Angad now seems to prioritize Sahiba over everyone else, even opposing Akaal for her. Japjyoth still opposes Sahiba’s education and hopes to calm down Akaal by respecting his words.

Japjyoth brings dinner to Akaal and urges him to eat. Akaal states that he isn’t hungry and expresses his disappointment with Angad for going against him. Angad enters and apologizes if he has hurt Akaal. He tries to explain that there’s nothing wrong with their daughter-in-law pursuing her education and that it should be a proud moment for the family. However, Akaal remains stubborn and adamant. He informs Angad about the arrival of his Canadian clients the next day and asks him to make arrangements for their stay. Angad agrees while Akaal warns him not to disappoint him.

The next morning, Sahiba serves breakfast to the family and informs them about her entrance exam. She mentions that she made Akaal’s favourite aloo paranthas since he didn’t have dinner the previous night. As usual, Manveer and others make negative comments. Prabjyoth and Hansraj complain about the spiciness of the paranthas. Veer finds them good, but Prabjyoth accuses him of praising Sahiba no matter what she cooks. Jasleen also criticizes the taste, while Angad attempts to taste it, but Manveer stops him. Gurleen suggests Seerat taste it, as she wouldn’t be biased due to being Sahiba’s sister. Seerat tries it and confirms that it is spicy. Jasleen and Gurleen argue over the issue, with Jasleen insisting that Sahiba should stay at home and cook for the Canadian clients as Akaal had instructed.


Angad informs Sahiba that important business clients will visit them in the evening, and she should be present as his wife. Sahiba informs him that she has an entrance exam that night. Angad reminds her of her promise to always be by his side and insists that she should be home before 4 p.m. The clients visit their homes, and Seerat is mistaken for Angad’s wife. Sahiba arrives soon after, leading to confusion.


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