Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th August 2023 Written Update


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As Sahiba walks behind Angad holding her gown, she asks him to listen to her. Seerat watches them and wonders what’s going on. Sahiba asks Angad to return to their room. Angad asks if she feels uncomfortable in this dress. Sahiba replies she wore it for him and asks him again to return to the room. As Angad continues walking, Seerat follows them, but the maid informs her that Jasleen is calling. Seerat meets Jasleen.

Sahiba says she is wearing this dress because she acted rudely toward him yesterday and wants to repay his debt. She frowns at Angad while she walks fast as he wants her to exercise. As Angad enjoys the drama, he hides. Sahiba notices small kids dressed as Angad, leading her to a chariot.

She gets on the chariot and asks the driver where he will take her. The driver says she’ll find out soon. People offer her roses and wave at her in a fairytale way as she travels. In her happiness, she wonders why they are offering her the rose. The driver tells her the answer is in the box next to her. She opens the box and finds a letter from Angad.

After the driver drops her off, Angad greets her and puts sandals on her feet in the style of Cinderella and the fairy prince. When the inspector calls him, Angad is about to propose to her when he hears that Garry was involved in a road accident and needs Angad to identify the body at the hospital morgue. Angad is stunned. Seerat, who was spying on them, rushes to them and asks the inspector if Garry really is there.

Angad asks how she could not find out her husband was missing for a few days when the inspector says yes. They reach the hospital where the inspector says a few truck drivers found Garry’s body and car in a pit. Seerat stands shocked. The inspector tells them to reach the morgue soon. Sahiba asks her to see the body because maybe it’s not Garry’s. Seerat is in shock, so they should check on it. They remove the dead body’s cloth and stand more shocked.


He informs Garry’s family that he will take care of Garry’s last rights. Jasleen says she won’t allow Angad and Sahiba to attend Garry’s last rights and hurt Garry’s spirit.

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