Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th January 2024 Written Episode: Angad Confronts Sahiba and Garry’s Growing Bond!


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As Sahiba sits on the lawn, she is overwhelmed with tears as she recalls Angad’s harsh words and his hatred towards her. During her emotional turmoil, Ajith calls her on video and inquires about Angad’s well-being. Uncontrollably, Sahiba cries even more. Santosh points out that Garry has caused a rift in Angad and Sahiba’s relationship, which may only grow wider with time. Ajith urges Sahiba to focus on the positive. However, Santosh maintains that she is simply stating the truth – after all, Sahiba took a massive risk by involving Garry in their efforts to save the Brar house. In defense, Sahiba explains that she had no choice but to seek Garry’s help, especially since he seems remorseful for his past mistakes.

According to Ajith, there were tensions between Sahiba and Angad. Keerat states that Veer had mentioned Garry’s inability to change. Sahiba adds that after his father’s betrayal, Garry has transformed, and their doubts about his love for his mother have become unfounded. Furthermore, Ajith predicts that Angad will eventually realize Sahiba’s support for Garry was justifiable. To this, Santosh raises the question of what will happen if it doesn’t occur. Sahiba clarifies that they should strive to resolve their differences rather than end their relationship entirely. In response, Santosh expresses hope that Angad can overlook minor issues in light of larger ones, noting his deep hurt over Sahiba standing by Garry.

Upon seeing Sahiba in tears, Angad reflects on her previous words about the bravery required for Garry’s actions to save their home. He exits the balcony and notices Sahiba sitting on the lawn, wondering if she will catch a cold in the chilly weather. Realizing this, he grabs a sweater for her. At the same time, Jasleen approaches Garry with a tray of food but accidentally slips. Immediately, Garry rushes to her aid and questions why she left her doctor-recommended rest to come outside. Jasleen responds that her joy lies with him and wants to feed and tend to his wound at home. In search of bandages in a first-aid kit, she slips again and is caught by Sahiba.

Garry expresses gratitude towards Sahiba for rescuing his mother’s life. Meanwhile, Angad is looking for Sahiba. Jasleen takes a moment to apologize for her past rudeness towards Sahiba, but she also acknowledges that Sahiba risked her own life to save hers and even trusted Garry enough to bring him back home. Upon hearing this, Sahiba explains that she had thought Jasleen was upset with her for letting Garry sleep on the lawn. However, Jasleen clarified that she is thankful to Sahiba as now she can visit her son whenever she wants. Garry adds that he has been a nuisance to her in the past, but despite that, she still chose to support him and risk her life. He apologizes and asks to address her as “Bhabhi” (sister-in-law). Sahiba hesitantly agrees and reminds them that everything she did was solely to protect her family.

As Angad approaches them, he expresses his concern that Sahiba may have been cold, but instead she is preoccupied with forming relationships. Meanwhile, Sahiba follows behind him and explains that she was talking to her parents when she noticed Jasleen slipping and quickly went to help her. After Angad leaves in his car, Jasleen comforts a teary-eyed Sahiba and reassures her that things will improve. From inside the house, Manveer observes their interactions. As Angad drives off, he reminisces about the lovely time with Sahiba and reflects on recent events.

Similarly, tears roll down Sahiba’s face as she recalls the same memories. In the background, “Chupke Se Lagja Gale” plays softly. Suddenly, Angad stops his car.

As Garry approaches, calling him “bro,” Angad immediately warns him not to use the term and questions his reason for being there. Garry explains that he has come to discuss Sahiba bhabhi. However, Angad declares that he will never trust Garry again after his past betrayal. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Simran consoles Sahiba. Garry reminisces that Angad had always been a supportive friend since they were children and expresses regret for not apologizing to him first. However, when Garry reached out to Sahiba, she genuinely believed in his remorse. To mend their fractured relationship, Garry pledges to do whatever it takes to reconcile with Sahiba. Angad sees through Garry’s tactics and accuses him of using the Brar family’s unity to destroy them.


Angad asks groom Veer if he is ready to marry Keerat. Veer says he is marrying Keerat because of his inspiration from Angad and Sahiba. When they are running late for the paat, Angad asks Keerat to hurry, but he is shocked to see Keerat already married to Garry. Sahiba appears behind Garry. Angad asks Sahiba if she knows about this. The Brars are shocked.

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