Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Episode: Khushi Confronts RV’s Sinister Plan | Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with RV telling Khushi that he knew that she would try to talk to her sister after knowing everything, which is why I kept this video ready and told her to go and tell Poorvi, who will then leak the photos via MMS and make them famous. As he says, before Poorvi’s life is wrecked, yours will be wrecked too, your marriage will be destroyed, your sasural life will be wrecked, and everything will be ruined.

He says your Dada ji Tandon ji might get the heart attack like my father got and says I heard he’s already having a heart attack. The same humiliation my mother suffered will happen to your mother as it did to mine. Your sister Diya will suffer the same humiliation as my sister. She is asked to tell Poorvi, and then the MMS will reach Armaan and others, destroying you. Khushi asks him not to do this, and Poorvi arrives.

Prachi expresses her difficulty coexisting with Poorvi, while Diya reveals her deep longing for her. Manpreet suggests finding a suitable groom for Poorvi, to which Diya agrees that the prospective groom should be brought to their home. However, Manpreet advises against telling their grandmother and mother about this. Diya questions Prachi’s reason for bringing certain clothes, explaining that Poorvi had taken some and would wear them upon her return. Manpreet reminds everyone that Ordinary clothes are also essential, as Poorvi cannot always wear heavy ones.

When Poorvi sees Kumkum on the floor, she says it is very promising and nothing will go wrong. RV has hidden with Khushi. Poorvi picks up the kumkum and leaves. RV asks Khushi if she wants to tell her and asks her to leave. Khushi says you’re mistaken and will repent. He asks if you have repented. Khushi leaves. Poorvi exits the bathroom and asks RV what he’s doing here. RV answers that he’s calling her.

Harman says RV might have handled Khushi. Deepika tells everyone Khushi went. Harleen asks how you know that Khushi didn’t know Rajvansh was RV when the marriage happened. Deepika says RV tells me everything, and he has a valid reason for telling me. Vikrant agrees. RV and Poorvi arrive downstairs. Damini/Vaishali tells RV that Poorvi hasn’t put on her veil, so Poorvi asks RV to hold her by hand so she can walk.

She sits Poorvi on the couch as RV gives him his hand. Poorvi doesn’t let go. RV tells her not to worry and says he’s here only. Poorvi says his words are enough. She praises RV and Jodi from the guest lady. Poorvi tells her that RV closes the window when she feels cold in the morning so she doesn’t feel cold. She praises him. A lady gives Poorvi a diamond necklace. Deepika says she will take it because her bahu was given a more expensive necklace.

Her behavior takes advantage of Dadi and Nupur. Monisha arrives at the party, drawing everyone’s attention. Khushi glances at her before leaving. Deepika makes a snide comment towards Poorvi, insinuating that she is of lower class. Dadi overhears this remark. Damini approaches Poorvi and asks if she can sing. Harleen suggests that she will let her know if she can’t sing, as someone sang poorly at her ceremony. Harleen decides to check on the servants and food preparations. Damini then requests Poorvi to stand up and walk so Binni’s aunt can see her move around correctly. Dadi ponders about calling Dada ji, feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

Deepika asks if you would like to say that RV felt sympathetic towards her, so he married her. Poorvi was supposed to marry a middle-class Ashutosh, and another middle-class person was also there, but she doesn’t remember the middle-class name. Damini asks Poorvi to walk to show Binni Aunty. Poorvi walks to a distance. The guests look on in surprise. Damini asks her to walk left and right and says everyone will know how she walks.


Yug informs Monisha that RV has married Poorvi. Monisha informs Deepika and Harleen that she is RV’s fiancee. Damini asks Poorvi to walk. RV says Poorvi is Khushi’s sister.

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