Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd October 2023 Written Episode: Family Drama Unfolds at Dandiya Event | Written Update


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Shukla’s mother expresses gratitude towards Savi for showing her respect and guiding her through the ghat sthapana ritual. She then presents a token of appreciation, her shop’s earnings, to Savi as a shagun. Savi graciously accepts it and advises her to always stand up for her self-respect, as it is equally essential for the rich and poor. Shukla thanked Rao Saheb for honoring his mother and humbly touched his feet. Yashwant reassures everyone that there is no need to feel upset. However, Surekha becomes visibly angry at the situation and directs her frustration towards Ishan for taking away what rightfully belongs to her and giving it to Shukla’s mother—Yashwant attempts to calm Surekha down while also chastising Ishan for his actions.

Despite spending her life caring for the family, Surekha was humiliated today because she deserves respect at least once a year. Shukla’s mother was insulted by a family member, so Ishan agreed to Savi’s request and allowed Shukla’s mother to perform ghat sthapana. Ishan says Surekha should be happy that everyone praised her generosity. Yashwant and Surekha disagree.

At the Dandiya event, Anvi plays music as a DJ. The family is pleased to see her hidden talent. Prateek takes Ishan aside and informs him he has organized a reunion of their old college friends. Bajirao enters in style with Aaya Police.. music playing in the background, running around, and dancing.. Ishan gets jealous seeing him and asks Prateek why he invited him. Friends wait for their favorite friend.

As Prateek knows, Ishan doesn’t like Bajirao. He didn’t call him and went on an invitation from another friend. It is joked that friends will come to Bajirao for help with their problems. Bajirao taunts Ishan that he does not want to get involved in solving Ishan’s issues. Ishan says he will not let such a bad day come to him.

Savi approaches Ishan, enticing him to join her for a dandiya session while Bajirao greets them. Savi’s face lights up with joy upon seeing him, and she takes Ishan aside to teach him the steps. However, Bajirao interjects by teasing her that she can only handle teaching children, as he will show off his pro dandiya skills. Despite Ishan getting upset, he struggles to learn the dance moves. Savi notices his frustration and calms him down, guiding him while maintaining eye contact. Yashwant observes this and informs Surekha that she had doubted Savi’s interest in Ishan earlier. Surekha reveals that Savi had deliberately projected herself as uninterested in deceiving them. Asmita and Shikha also take notice of Ishan and Savi’s dance and question whether there is more than just friendship between them. Shantanu adds that anything is possible according to Dr Isha’s predictions, leading them to agree that Isha’s foresight always proves correct.

At her society’s Navratri function, the host praises Harini’s talent. A producer then offers her a chance to sing for his album and gives her his card. However, Kiran takes the card from her, tears it up, and humiliates her. When Savi returns to college, she tells Ishan he has become her dance teacher. But Ishan reminds her that he is her true teacher and that the upcoming IAS officer coaching class and exam is tomorrow at 11:30 am, limiting their time together to only 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, Bajirao takes Savi aside and dances energetically with her to a lively song, causing Ishan to feel even more jealous.


Harini informs Savi that Kiran has brutally assaulted her. Harini punishes Kiran in a goddess-like manner.

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