Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th April 2023 Written Episode

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya clears his throat and says he’s glad there’s a happy ending. Virat tells Sai that it’s good they reached on time, he needs their help to treat and save Naxal leader Datta Konke. Satya and Sai nod okay and begin treating Datta. Satya notices Sai feeling pain from a foot bleeding injury. Nurses are shocked that Satya and Sai were at loggerheads before and have become close friends and treat patients together. When Virat hears that, he watches Satya and Sai.

Sai scolds Satya for ignoring her injury and bandages her wound. Satya walks out feeling emotional after seeing her dear ones in pain. Satya asks what is his lady love’s name. Satya says, Girija. Sai asks how she is. Satya describes how filmy and jovial Girija was and how she committed suicide when her father opposes their father.

He regrets being unable to see her during her last journey and how he panics when he sees a suicide case and says that love only happens once and that he cannot forget her. Sai repeats the same at once. Satya says at least they are in the same camp. Sai says Girija is his first and last love. Satya says Virat is her first and last love. Sai nods.

Saavi video calls Sai and asks if Baba is fine. Sai says yes. Satya says problems run away where her aayi is. Saavi asks who is he. He says Dr Satya, her aayi’s medical partner. Saavi says the doctor’s headache, Vinu Dada told her about him and warns him not to trouble his Aayi.

The Vinu dada tells Satya that if he hadn’t informed her that he is also a Dr Cool, he won’t bother her. If he does, Saavi says she will complain to her baba, a police officer, and get him arrested. Satya says he is not afraid of his baba. Virat comes in. Satya says he was joking and hands Virat the phone. Virat tells Saavi not to worry because he will protect herself and her.

A terrorist attack on a medical camp results in the rescue of Datta Konke, the leader. Saavi says Virat, Vinu Dada, aayi, and Baba will have a pizza party once they return home. Virat agrees. Sai receives a call from her senior doctor asking Saavi to inform her family that they are fine. Saavi informs the family of the same.

Paakhi thinks of calling Virat. Sai informs Dr Survase that the situation is under control, but many officers are injured, so she needs more time to treat them. When Virat holds Sai’s hand, he reminds her that he wants to share something after his mission has been completed.

As soon as he receives Paakhi’s call, he picks it up and keeps it in his pocket. He tells Sai that he had arranged everything at that police station to relive their old memories and reveal what is in his heart, but seeing her reaction, he felt he shouldn’t express his feelings at that time, but when she came running and hugged him, all his misunderstandings cleared up. She says yes to the question that he asks her to tell the truth about her love for him.

Virat feels happy while Paakhi shatters listening to their conversation. They both look into each other’s eyes happily. Virat says he knew her answer, he had taken an oath when he came to this mission to say he would not die before telling her. Sai shuts his mouth. Terrorist attack.

The terrorists have learned Datta Konke is alive, Virat says. Sai asks why he told the situation was under control. He says he wants to tell her about his dream before going and reveals how he dreamed of a happy life with her and their children; he says he loves his children and their mother immensely and wants to live with her forever.

In the background, Serial’s title track plays. Paakhi is shocked to hear that. Virat and Sai remember their happier times together.


Sai and Virat are photographed by Satya. Virat tells Sai it’s the first photo since they proposed. Sai says she didn’t say yes and has many questions in mind. Virat says he understands her questions. Saavi asks Sai to find out what happened to Vinu’s mother and treat her as if she were a guardian angel.

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