Kumkum Bhagya 28th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi asks Payal how she knew that Ranbir had come here. Payal replies that she called the reporter after calling her. In order to inform NGO women who will support her fully, the reporter asks for CCTV footage, saying you will get your job back and we will get you money from Ranbir.

Prachi says it happens sometimes, so Payal asks how much money. The reporter says let’s see, we’ll do our best to help you. Payal asks Prachi if she feels strange. Prachi says it happens sometimes, so I understand. Payal asks Prachi to come with them. Prachi says she will not leave supporting you, whoever is behind it. The reporter asks Payal to show the CCTV footage.

In the compromised CCTV footage, Payal shows Ranbir hugging her. She asks Prachi if she will come with her. Prachi says she will be there. The reporter smiles at Payal as he says it is clear he attempted to molest you again. Tomorrow we will go to his house and blacken his face. Prachi says I will.

Ranbir says you missed me. Dadi says yes, and adds that others missed him as well. Dadi says the tea was saved. Ranbir says I will save everything. Dadi says not even my tea spilt in your presence. Ranbir agrees that you missed me, but not others. Dadi and Ranbir recall the times when they all lived in the same house. Dadi says you will always be happy as we will not have tomorrow what we have today.

Dadi asks who this girl is? Ranbir says I’ll arrange for her to meet you. He says we’ll do cheers and have tea. Dadi asks Shahana to join us for tea. Ranbir says she’s thinking about when to leave. Then he asks why you didn’t call me and tell me Prachi is alive. He asks if she knows how he felt losing his wife and child in one day. Shahana blames him for hurting Prachi and says she will always stand by her.

In reply, Ranbir says he came here to talk to Prachi, but he got many answers here. He asks Dadi to take care of him and leaves. He thanks her and goes. Pallavi thinks about Prachi. Vikram gives her coffee and asks if she is worried. Pallavi says you might know who I am worrying about.

Pallavi says I can’t forget her. Vikram says I thought you were talking about Ranbir and the case. Pallavi says it’s just a fake case, I’m thinking about Prachi. Vikram says I’m sure Ranbir does not feel like he used to. Pallavi says my pain is justified. Dida asks her to listen to her. She tells Dida to prepare for Mata Rani temple at 10 am. Pallavi says don’t make me hear you, make your son understand.

Pallavi says I’ll be ready. Vikram says Pallavi thinks only bad things will happen. Dida says that she and I are both mothers. She goes to sleep. Vikram says she, too, is worried about the case and says we’ll think about it later. Since Prachi returned and filed a case against Ranbir, he thinks Ranbir is badly injured.

He comes home. Aryan hugs him. Ranbir asks what happened. Aryan asks him to tell everything. Ranbir asks him not to tell anyone and closes the door. Prachi recalls the reporter telling her that their faces would be blackened. Aryan asks Ranbir what he did at his house of Payal. Ranbir replies that he was about to confront her when Prachi came in front of him and I went numb.

He says he went to Payal’s house to ask her to take back the case, otherwise, I have to fight. He says if I fight the case, then her respect will be ruined, and I don’t want that. He says the court needs to know that she stole company funds.

He says he caught her and warned her not to do this again, but she still did it out of greed. Aryan asks why you aren’t telling anyone. Ranbir says she comes from a poor family and is handling home alone, so if I tell the truth about her, she won’t get a job anywhere.

As Aryan hugs him, Ranbir asks what I should do about this goodness for Prachi hasn’t told him anything. He goes to change his clothes and asks Aryan to go. Aryan says everything will be alright, but Ranbir says Prachi isn’t ready to talk yet. As Prachi thinks of Ranbir, she says he doesn’t care about the case and is focused on me. She tells me only God can save him. Ranbir wonders if I will ever find happiness if it’s not there.

Prachi thinks of Khushi and looks at her bangle. Naina’s song plays…She also thinks of Khushi and says she can become her Khushi after this day. Khushi is a big happiness and will bring happiness into my life.

In the car, Ranbir stops to see Khushi. He gets down and cradles her in his lap. Laali gets upset and thinks he might give her more money. Payal comes and looks at Ranbir and Khushi. Laali sees her. Ranbir takes the flower from Khushi and reads the prediction that he will meet a new person today. He asks Khushi to write her name too. Khushi writes it in her heart. Ranbir asks if the person is pleasant.

Ranbir says he trusts you fully. Khushi asks who am I to you? Ranbir thinks God has given Khushi to him, as Panchi. The NGO woman comes to Ranbir’s house with Payal to blacken Ranbir’s face, for ruining a woman’s respect. The reporter says it will be shown on every news channel.

Ranbir says you’re doing it wrong, Payal is lying. Prachi comes there and holds the lady’s hand from applying ink to Ranbir’s face.

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