Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th March 2023 Written Update


He says he will show her what hell means and holds her forcefully. Intoxicated Angad asks Sahiba if she said he turned her life into hell. Sahiba warns him to leave her as even his mother wants him to stay away from her, so he’s lucky Seerat escaped and didn’t marry him.

Seerat enters Brar mansion silently and slips on a vase. Guards walk-in hearing a sound. She hides. He falls on her bed and shouts, “I love you.”. Veer bumps her. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and asks what she is doing here. She punches him and asks how he dares touch her. Angad cries, asking why Seerat left him.

In the background, Serial’s title track plays as he hugs Sahiba and repeats I love you, Seerat, why did she leave him? Sahiba holds him and makes him sleep on her bed. Keerat tells Veer no one looked at her in her locality, and he touched her. Veer says she is not in her locality, and if anyone sees her here, she will be kicked out.

He reveals how Santosh was humiliated by Brars when she had come to meet Sahiba and that Mongas are not allowed in Brar mansions. Every year Sahiba teaches holy scripture to children on this day and asks them to go and give her art stuff. He thinks she is still ordering him. Sahiba thinks that however Angad is, he truly loves Seerat. Angad pulls her over him. She feels emotional, but controls herself and stands up.

The next morning, Manveer waits for Angad at the breakfast table and says he usually wakes up at 5 a.m., now it’s 9 a.m. She asks her servant to take coffee for Angad. Inder taunts Darji that if a person is not heard by anyone, he resorts to alcoholism. Angad walks out calling Sahiba. Prabjot remarks that last night was Sahiba and Angad’s wedding night.

Veer walks in and praises Sahiba’s art. He says it looks like Babaji is staring into his eyes. He gives her Keerat’s gift and says someone had come last night. Seerat tells Veer about their first meeting and says Keerat is completely opposite to Sahiba as Keerat is a bodybuilder and Sahiba is an artist. Keerat can’t tolerate injustice against her family, Sahiba says. Keerat slaps a man who makes lipped remarks about her sisters. On this day, Sahiba describes how she teaches children prayer in her shop and makes them recite it. She says this year won’t happen. Sahiba is informed by her maid that Angad is calling her and is very angry.

When Angad asks Sahiba how he reached the store room, Sahiba describes how an intoxicated Angad forced his way into his room and demanded to have wedding night with her. Darji says he will apologize to Sahiba if Angad made a mistake.

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