Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2023

Kumkum Bhagya

Written episode of Kumkum Bhagya for 19th January 2023.

When Aaliya asks the goon where Madan is, he breaks his phone. She then slaps him for breaking his phone. Madan comes there and brings Aaliya a new phone. Aaliya asks him why he has a phone. She hears someone coming and hides. Rhea arrives with the police. The Inspector tells Rhea that no one is there. She thinks that she never thought you would join Prachi’s side.

The cradle brings tears to Rhea’s eyes. Aaliya is in the car and says, “Rhea, you didn’t do it right.” Rhea calls Aaliya and asks her to bring back the girl, saying that she’s innocent. Rhea says you were innocent as well, but you’re no longer innocent or mine, as you have gone to enemies. She says you’ve left the baby and given it back. Aaliya says I’ll do bad things to you too since your blood is the same as Prachi’s.

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It makes Rhea proud to share the same blood with Prachi and praises her. Aaliya says she has come far. Rhea asks her to leave the baby. Rhea says we’ll do what you want. She says she’s only a baby and she doesn’t think you’ll do anything wrong. Aaliya says I don’t want you to be happy. She says you’re hearing me for the last time. I won’t call you again. Rhea cries and says Buji. Aaliya says you’ll see my bad side and says anyone who hurts me will regret it later.

Nurse instructed Prachi to take her medicine and Ranbir asked if she would rest. The nurse confirmed that the young woman should sleep. Rhea informed the Inspector that Aaliya had been there and had threatened her. After listening, he suggested they should go home, but Rhea insisted they look for the baby first. Upon Ranbir’s insistence, Prachi checked the time before leaving. He returned soon after to collect his phone. Prachi informed him that she was feeling odd – being completely drained of energy and strength and unable to breathe – with a propensity for sleepiness. Ranbir soothingly told her it wouldn’t be long before she was alright again. Worried about the child, she requested him to step out and shut the door behind him; which he did dutifully.

Rhea calls Pallavi to inform her that she had escaped from the scene. Ranbir enquires if it is true, to which Rhea affirms. The inspector also confirms this. Prachi’s phone then rings and it turns out to be Aaliya. She calls out Prachi’s name and then asks how the latter feels now that she has become a mother for the first time. An outraged Prachi urges Aaliya to leave her daughter alone, apologises profusely and begs in front of her. Aaliya says that she would have loved to witness such a sight but nevertheless makes an offer to stay with Prachi for an hour. Prachi warns that should anything happen to her child, she will take revenge on Aaliya’s life. She further adds that whatever she said to her sister must have been serious enough for Rhea to stand against her. Despite all these threats, Prachi continues pleading in front of her enemy.

Aaliya asks Rhea to come by herself in 10 minutes. She warns her of what will happen should someone accompany her. Rhea states she only wants to help everybody. Ranbir wonders how that might be possible and Pallavi inquires what he means. Ranbir expresses his relief that Prachi isn’t here as she’d have surely yelled, before noting that she was given sedatives and had managed to sleep for a while. Prachi, who had been listening from behind them, inwardly blames him and thinks her heart would never be the same again.

Pallavi says atleast you saw her, but we didn’t see even a glimpse of her. Ranbir says Aaliya Buji hates Rhea also, along with Prachi and tells that he will never forgive her. Prachi says maybe because of me and Rhea?

Inspector responds to the call and notices Prachi’s car departing. He informs them of her departure. Aaliya calls Ranbir enquiring if he is having a good time, to which he replies that it would be a huge mistake and could prove costly. She smugly responds that she is relishing every moment, adding that Prachi does not love him. Ranbir queries her whereabouts softly and Aaliya reminds him of their deal for secrecy. She warns him against coming with the police, saying she would be left high and dry in such an event. However, Ranbir decides to go despite the danger. The Inspector adds that they must accompany him for his protection; endeavouring to make the mission possible even if it appears impossible.

She finds an empty cradle and calls Aaliya and Panchi. Prachi asks her to give the baby. Aaliya says I’m here. Prachi asks her to give it to her. She says she will, and I asked you not to call your family, but then called the family too to party. She claims that there will be some good news at the party. She gives the baby to Madan. Prachi asks her to hand the baby over to her. Aaliya asks whether she wants the baby dead or alive. Prachi falls on her feet and asks her to leave the baby.

Aaliya requests Prachi to sign some papers and she complies without asking what the document was. Aaliya reveals that the papers were property documents with Abhi’s name on them, and then asks her to sign the divorce papers. Prachi demands her baby back, to which Aaliya inquires her name; Panchi. She remarks how beautiful she is, but nonetheless refuses to give the baby back. Ranbir pleads with Aaliya to return his daughter, offering himself in exchange for Panchi’s release. He reminds her that Prachi’s parents love her dearly and did not know of Prachi signing the divorce papers. Upon noticing police, Aaliya’s goons alert her of their presence.

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