Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2023 Written Update


In imitation of Angad, Sahiba asks Angad what he wants to ask her? Angad asks Sahiba what happened to her and asks if she is drunk. Sahiba responds that she is not intoxicated and that she is just saving him time. In response to Angad’s question, Sahiba says there is still time for the 7 days to be completed, so he should be patient.

As Angad feeds Manveer at the dining table, he asks how she feels. Manveer tells Angad she feels that Angad is growing apart from her now that Sahiba is in the house. Angad says they’ll tell her when the time is right. Jabjyot asks Manveer to stop thinking about these things.

Jasleen tells Garry what happened, and Garry comments on Sahiba and says Manveer is getting sick in one way or another since Sahiba entered the house. Garry tries to create a rift between Angad and Sahiba by saying Sahiba and Seerat deceived her and to always remember it. Prabjyot also comments on Sahiba. Jabjyot reminds Prabjyot that Sahiba saved Manveer when her sugar levels dropped.

After Garry humiliated Sahiba, Sahiba came and asked Garry about his comments. Sahiba asked Garry where he went after arriving at the hospital. Sahiba tells Garry that Angad asked him to handle all meetings that day. Garry agrees with Sahiba and says he attended the meetings. Garry then sees Seerat calling him, so he answers. After Garry answers Seerat’s call, Seerat asks him what happened. Seerat says his phone was not with her when he called her before.

In response, Seerat says Sahiba knows everything about them. Garry gets anxious and scolds Seerat loudly. Seerat says she doesn’t like Garry’s tone, and asks him to tone it down. Seerat asks Garry about his voice message response. Garry asks Seerat what she wants. Seerat gives Garry an ultimatum and says he has seven days to talk to his family and her family about the marriage. Seerat cuts the line.

Garry gets angry when Seerat cuts off his call and decides to teach her a lesson when the time is right. Sahiba comes and asks Garry if Angad knows that he saved Seerat. As she walks away, Garry runs into a door. Sahiba seeing this mocks him and says he cannot keep his pride when she reveals the truth about him. Garry reminds Sahiba of her status and asks her to stay within her limits.

Veer comes and asks Sahiba what she’s thinking about, but Sahiba doesn’t answer. Veer brings food to Sahiba and asks her to eat. The designs on the table remind Veer of somewhere and he tells Sahiba about it. Sahiba makes a comment on it. Veer leaves. Sahiba recalls Ajith’s words and decides to give Angad the Kurta. In response to Manveer’s question, Angad replied that he took Sahiba to her house to keep an eye on her and nothing more.

Sahiba overhears Angad telling Manveer he doesn’t care about Sahiba or her family.


Sahiba places the kurta Ajith gave him on a table, asking Angad if he told Manveer that he agreed to stay with her in the same room.

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