Faltu 7th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Dadi says Ayaan and Tanisha should do the Jagrata. Tanisha messages Sid to find out about Faltu’s job. Sid replies that even Pappi doesn’t know anything about Faltu’s job. Charan says don’t test my patience. Faltu says you don’t need to say anything, you aren’t paying for Charan’s treatment, and we won’t keep quiet.

Charan says you want us to go with Faltu so that you can snatch our house from us. Ratan says you can do anything you want. Charan blesses Faltu. Then she asks Jamuna to take care of it. Charan asks how you will manage alone. Faltu answers I will handle it, that you shouldn’t travel after the heart attack, rest, we will all be there with me, don’t worry.

Charan hugs Faltu and says promise me you won’t forget your dreams, and she promises. Pratap says I’ll bring you to the train station. Faltu leaves. Ayaan and everyone play truth and dare. Kinshuk’s turn comes. Ayaan says we want to know your secrets and how daring you are. Kinshuk says I’m daring.

Kinshuk asks if he can get divorced today. Ayesha asks him to do 100 sit-ups. Kinshuk does 100 sit-ups. Everyone laughs. Tanisha chooses truth. Sid asks her to speak her life’s biggest truth. Ayaan smiles. It’s Ayaan’s turn. He chooses truth. Sid asks what’s most precious to you, one you can’t lose. Kinshuk asks Ayaan which is most precious to him, Tanisha or Sautan.

The JM Mart is Tanisha’s sautan, Ayaan loves his work a lot. Suhana says close your eyes. Sid and everyone insist Ayaan do it. Ayaan closes his eyes. As he looks at Faltu, he opens his eyes. Sid asks who did you see, why did you get scared? Ayaan says Carry on, I’m not feeling well. Sid asks what do you want, who did he see, he can’t tell us her name. Tanisha gets upset.

As Faltu arrives back in Mumbai, she catches a cricket ball. The guys run to her and ask if she can see. She responds yes, I can really see, my eyesight has returned. The guys are delighted. Faltu goes for batting. She plays well. She meets Madhuri Maasi and Gaikwad Kaka. She takes their blessings. Kaka says Charan called me and said you need a job. I will help you find one.

Maasi says we will help you, don’t worry. Faltu says I will check the newspaper for jobs, I’ll take this for a while, thanks. Faltu says no, it’s my time to fly. Sid says Faltu has come to Mumbai. Tanisha says her timing is bad. He asks what Kanika said.

Sid sends her Faltu’s address. She says I will do anything to make Ayaan hate Faltu. Dadi asks her to come help with Jagrata. Tanisha says I have to meet my mother. Sumitra asks where Tanu is going. Sid says she isn’t telling me her plan. At the Jagrata, Ayaan and Tanisha meet everyone. Suhana takes pictures. Sid goes after Tanisha. He asks why she is concerned.

He says I’ll take you. She says no, stay here and make excuses for me. He asks how will I handle Dadi; you and Ayaan have to do aarti. She says I will come as soon as possible. I met the doctor, and everything is fine, I got my eyesight back. He asks her not to worry. She says yes, don’t worry, I came to the temple to meet Matarani.

He says I miss you a lot. She says I will call you later. Tanisha comes there and asks Faltu if her eyesight has improved. Faltu says yes. Tanisha asks if your dad is okay. Faltu replies yes.


Faltu says I won’t keep your favour, I will return the money to you and your wife. Ayaan asks how she will repay. She says I’ll become a maid and work to earn money. He asks her to work for him. She complies.

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