Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Satya compliments Sai’s cute smile and she asks for clarification. He explains that her smile is as cute as their mutual friends Saavi and Vinu when they smile. Sai then shares the reason for her smile – she received a call from her uncle, Viju kaka, after a long time. Satya expresses surprise at the mention of a “kaka” in her family and she clarifies that he was her mother’s senior colleague who treated her like his own daughter and often visited their house. She also mentions that he had always believed in her dream of becoming a doctor and is now working as a commissioner in Nagpur. Satya remarks on how lucky Sai is to have both a supportive father and Viju kaka in her life, something he didn’t have growing up. Sai then asks if they can invite Viju kaka for dinner, to which Satya happily agrees.

Upon arrival at the kickboxing training institute, Virat inquires about the top student with the coach. The coach proudly introduces Masood as their state-level champion. Eager for a challenge, Virat expresses his desire to spar with Masood. The coach then informs Masood of Virat’s kickboxing expertise and his request for a fight. Overjoyed at the opportunity, Masood admires Virat as his inspiration and accepts the challenge with honor. As they begin sparring, Virat channels his emotions and pushes through Masood’s punches, reminded of Sai’s departure and her close relationship with Satya.

Virat gets severely injured while the song Yaar Bedardeyaโ€ฆ plays in the background. Coach stops the match and asks Virat why he intentionally accepted blows. Masood apologizes and says he was just fighting. Virat requests that he not apologize since he fought well. When life gives immense and unbearable pain to the heart, physical injuries divert attention from the pain in the heart and he was doing the same. He gets a message saying he has a meeting with the new commissioner.

Saavi and Vinu play with a doctor’s kit. Sai smiles at the kit. Vinu asks why she is smiling when she already has one. In a flashback, Sai says she also had such kits in her childhood and checks Aabha’s pulse and treats him. The first doctor’s kit is presented to her by Viju kaka when he walks in. She recalls checking Viju kaka’s pulse whenever he visited her home, and now she plans to meet him.

Virat meets commissioner Vijendra/Viju and hands him over case files. Viju asks if he still goes on a deadly mission. Virat asks why he asks him that question. Viju says when he met him years ago, he purposely wanted to go on deadly missions as if he is bothered about his life; even know that his wounds indicate the same; he should take care of himself at least for Nagpur. As Virat nods yes, he leaves.

After entering the commissioner’s office, Sai bumps into Virat. Virat asks what she is doing here. Sai tells him that her Aabha’s old colleague is the commissioner. Seeing his injuries, she forcefully nurses him while he resists and warns her not to bother. Virat leaves. Sai says she heard from Sai that he doesn’t take care of himself, but at least for his children’s sake.

Viju is surprised when Sai enters his cabin. He keeps his hand on her head and emotionally hugs her. Sai gets emotional thinking about Aabha. Viju says she never differentiated between him and Kamal, so he is also her baba and will always stand by her. Sai asks him about Vijuโ€™s son. He says he is settled abroad with his family and only calls him once in three to four months. He asks to forget about it and if it is true that she and Virat are separated now.

In his visit to Ninad, Vigat describes how much he misses Sai and how her presence makes him weaker and more painful. Virat asks how he can forget Sai and her memories, and he breaks down and says he has to forget Sai in order to live peacefully. When Virat’s wish is fulfilled, Ninad feels bad for his son.


It is strange that she snatched everything from him and wants something from him now. Sai asks if he can help her reunite two separated lovers.


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