Ghum hai kisike

It is Virat who knocks on Pakhi’s door and asks her to open it. Pakhi tries to lock it. Virat forcefully enters and asks where Vinu is. Pakhi shouts at him to leave as she sends Vinu away. The manager told Pakhi that Vinu was here, so she should stop being stupid and find out where Vinu is. Pakhi shouts that he tried to snatch Vinu from her and give it to Sai, so he didn’t inform her that Vinu was their biological son.

When he asks how she knows about it, Pakhi replies that she received a unanimous letter and then confirmed it via Anandi, shouting that he tried to hide it from her. As soon as Virat learned the truth, Vinu and Savi were held hostage by a policeman and Pakhi was hospitalized, so how could he have informed her?

Pakhi asks if he told Sai the truth instead of her. Virat says no, Sai found it herself. He says it’s okay if Sai takes back her child. Pakhi shouts at him how dare he do that, Vinu is her daughter and nobody can touch her; Virat always supports Sai against her, etc. Sai knocks on the door and asks Virat to open the door.

Sai asks the inspector to break open the door as they won’t open it. Inspector refuses to do so and says Virat and Pakhi can’t escape. Sai says she can’t be patient when it comes to her children. She points her gun at Virat and refuses to reveal Vinu’s information. Virat says she is getting herself into trouble. Pakhi then points the gun at herself and threatens to kill herself. Sai threatens to file a police complaint against the manager if he doesn’t give her the room’s key or else she will file a complaint against him for helping Pakhi kidnap Vinu.

After Sai hears a gunshot, she runs toward the room fearing for Vinu’s life. Virat tries to snatch the gun from Pakhi. The bullet shoots during their tussle. He throws the gun away and promises Pakhi that nobody can take Vinu away from her. Pakhi cries hugging him. Virat promises her again that no one can take Vinu away from her.

When Sai enters the room with the policemen, he stands speechless and asks where Vinu is. Virat says Vinu is not here. Sai asks Pakhi why she left Vinu and his passport, and how dare she try to take him away.
She tries to slap Pakhi. As Virat stops her and shouts at her, Vinu is Pakhi’s son because Pakhi adopted him and even gave birth to him, Sai did nothing to him and no one did anything to Pakhi, etc.

Pakhi continues to praise and support Virat and Sai and asks that Sai stay out of their lives. Sai says Sai is her blood, while Virat says Vinu is even his blood and Sai has no right to him. Sai stands shocked. Virat says to the inspector that his wife had come here to part with her son and leaves holding the hands of Pakhi and Vinu. Pakhi is taking him to London after the party.

Sai returns home shattered and lights a candle. She imagines Vinu telling her not to worry because he is with her. “Lukka Chuppi Bhaut Hui..” plays in the background. Vinu asks if he can call her Choti Mamma.

As Sai tries to hug him, she realizes it is her imagination and breaks down. Savi walks up to her and asks where she was and why she is late. Power returns. The next morning, Sai sees a lawyer because she believes this is the only way she can get her son back.

With a lawyer, Sai challenges Virat and Pakhi that she will take back her son at any cost. Bhavani asks Sai not to take their son from them and accepts Sai and Savi as family members.

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