Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Update

An episode begins with Balbira, Wilson, Laali, and Others tying Ranbit to a chair. A police team arrives. An inspector asks constables to arrest them. Prachi and Rhea also arrive. The lights are switched off and Laali starts running. Prachi falls on Ranbir’s lap. They look at each other. Rhea looks on uncomfortable. Ashok asks Akshay where he’s going. He says he can’t be peaceful and must search for Prachi. He says she might be in trouble. He says everyone is with Khushi, but I’m concerned about Prachi.

You can go, Ashok says. Akshay says I am giving you my responsibility. Someone comes there to keep an eye on them. It is my fault that I fell down. Ranbir tells Rhea to free his hands. Inspector tells Balbira that he will not leave him. Balbira snatches the gun from Inspector and threatens to shoot Ranbir.

Laali says we’ll leave from here. Prachi asks Laali to come to her, and says you know him well, how he treats you. Laali says whatever he does is mine. Ranbir asks where Wilson is. She says she didn’t ask her advice. Rhea says you can have a better life, but you…Shakti says let’s leave and not waste time.

Ranbir snatches the gun from Balbira and gives it to Inspector. Prachi says he went to the hospital. She says don’t shoot. Balbira turns and asks who is there. Prachi aims a gun at Balbira. Ranbir snatches the gun from Balbira and gives it to Inspector.

Prachi says don’t arrest me and murmurs that the gun is fake. Balbira pushes Prachi and Ranbir beats Balbira. The inspector arrests the three. Prachi, Ranbir, and Rhea leave for the hospital. As Akshay approaches the car, he realizes it is Wilson. Wilson put Khushi in the back seat and started the car. Akshay follows behind the car.

Ranbir stops his car. Police also arrive. Balbira pushes Inspector and runs to Wilson. Wilson grabs Khushi from the car and says he won’t leave it unfinished. The boy says that the girl will go with him. Balbira says he made him run from there so that he could come here. He says you’re clever to find out. Ranbir silently goes behind the car and is walking towards them.

Balbira says now time is gone, Wilson needs Khushi, not money. Ranbir grabs Khushi and takes the knife from Wilson’s hand. Ranbir still holds Khushi, even though he is in bad shape. Wilson gets a rod and starts hitting Ranbir. Prachi runs to Ranbir. Vikram comes there. Rhea tells Ranbir to leave. Ranbir says he will not leave his daughter. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand and Wilson hits them both.

Akshay and Vikram hold the rod to stop Wilson. Shahana brings the wheelchair. Akshay beats Wilson for hurting Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir are asked to come to the PS, but Prachi says we will take Khushi inside first. Pallavi slaps him and tells him his mother was unlucky to give birth to a goon like him.

Pallavi asks Ranbir and Prachi to get dressing for their wounds. Vikram and Pallavi bring Khushi inside. Ranbir falls on Prachi, but she gives him her hand. Rhea takes him inside. It’s okay, Prachi wipes her tears and comes inside. Akshay says he won’t ask why you are crying, he doesn’t know how emotional you are.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says I have done wrong, but Rhea says you haven’t done anything wrong, and that you should have beaten him harder. The woman tells him not to feel guilty and says, you’re thinking this, as your heart is good, kind-hearted, and emotional as well. Akshay repeats the same thing to Prachi and says, you’re really good, can’t see any wrong happening to anyone.

Having recalled Ranbir and Rhea’s hug, she tells them she isn’t that good. She says she has to go to PS. Ranbir says he is going to PS as well. Balbira asks Prachi to take Khushi for free but doesn’t file a case. Laali says whatever we did was for money and asks Prachi to take Khushi for free. Prachi tells them to stop and says Khushi is mine. She stops seeing Ranbir, Rhea, and Akshay. She says Khushi is with us, so no one can harm her.

If I had the law in my hands, I would have taught you such a lesson that you wouldn’t think of doing this again. Balbira says you are talking about your betterment. Prachi and Ranbir shout that Khushi is not an orphan. Rhea and Akshay say that they are with Khushi. He says she is an orphan for whom they are fighting.

Laali tells Inspector that she is not Khushi’s real mother and that Balbira had kidnapped her from the orphanage based on her statements. She says she will not let them be happy and that Khushi is an orphan. Apparently, Balbira had kidnapped Khushi 6 years back from Meera’s childcare orphanage. Inspector asks Constable to enquire if he is telling the truth. Balbira says he had gone to kidnap a big girl to earn money, but he found her and she was alone.

The constable comes and tells that she was stolen from an orphanage and he kidnapped her and took her to Laali so she could have a child and insist on marriage. Prachi and Ranbir feel helpless not to reveal that they are her parents, so they consider adopting her.

There is a doorbell ringing. Shahana opens the door. Meera enters with other ladies and announces that she is the director of the childcare orphanage. Pallavi gives dadi tea. Shahana tells Dadi that Khushi has been given saline.

Pallavi asks, “Why have you come here?” Meera replies, “To take Khushi back to the orphanage.”.

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